Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2007 AJC Voters Guide / Milton District 2 / At Large

Credit goes to The Atlanta-journal Constitution /

Julie Zahner Bailey (Nonpartisan)

Age (as of Nov. 6): 44
Education: Bachelor of science in finance, magna cum laude, Florida State University. Continuing education is very important. Throughout my corporate career and public service, I have dedicated myself to extended learning.
Profession: Former business executive with Citibank Leveraged Capital/Equifax. Substitute teacher, environmental educator and local family business. Executive director of Birmingham Hopewell Alliance for 10 years prior to election to Milton Council.
Residence: No response -->
Family: Married; two children.

What experience will help you in this job?

My 15-plus years in corporate strategic development, budgeting and personnel management; my dedicated public service as your council member; and my 11-plus years of community advocacy qualify me for re-election. My proven community leadership extends to virtually every ordinance, zoning amendment, rezoning and land-use policy affecting Milton. My experience is extensive: former business executive with Citibank Leveraged Capital and Equifax, executive director Birmingham Hopewell Alliance, enumerable government committees and boards.

If elected, what will be your priorities?

My top priorities are to ensure we have: competent city staff so we can continue to build on our organizational base; no-nonsense fiscal management to keep taxes lower; strong and consistent land-use planning to protect the future of our community; consistent application of land-use policies, including upholding the no-sewer policies; a viable transportation plan; and a focus on setting a national standard for Milton’s parks and recreation programs.

What's the best thing an elected official in the post you are seeking can do for your community?

Consistently uphold citizen supported land-use policies, including standing firm on the no-sewer policies. The course we chart today will determine what Milton will be 20 years from now.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one thing (not a person) would you want to have?

My Bible. Faith is central to all that I do and who I am. God and the visual reminder of my precious children and loving husband would give me strength.

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Anonymous said...

May have some shortcomings, but is head and shoulders above her opponent.

Anonymous said...

"May have her short comings"