Friday, October 12, 2007

More Information On Birmingham Elementary.

To All:

Our school architect has updated the site design to incorporate the following:

The existing trees along Wood Road have been added as they presently exist and identified to remain. It should be noted however that the quality or the extent of the actual save areas is not known at this time. The architect is working with the City of Milton arborist on tree save areas.

The play field area has been enlarged and identified as 2.0 acres which is consistent with school district elementary standards. This 2.0 acre play field is in addition to the outdoor age specific play structures (labeled as playground on site plan) and the outdoor hard-court play pad (approximately 10,000 square feet) located on the north side of the building.

The septic field area will not be able to be used as a play field area, although light foot traffic on this area would not be a problem. Our project wastewater engineer has also advised that vehicular traffic should not be allowed in this area so we would be restricted from using it over any overflow parking. When completed, this septic field area should look like a “pasture” following the existing topography of the land.

The Health Department septic permit requires a prescriptive design, and this design includes an EPD required 100% reserve capacity in the septic field sizing. Given the 50’ buffer along the northern property line, and the location of homes along Glenover, the septic field will be approximately 160’ from the nearest residence. In addition, there is a natural berm along this property line.

The decision to incorporate a pathway from White Columns to the school site will have to be made with the consensus of the White Columns neighborhood and the school district. So, there is no pathway shown on the site design at this time.
This updated site design has been loaded on the school district construction web site, and a direct link is provided below.

The school district is continuing to work with City of Milton personnel on the walking trail and the Milton overlay district requirements. In addition, the school district expects to get an update from our traffic engineer very soon on the Birmingham highway access questions.

We’ll continue to update you as we move ahead, please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.

Michael J. Russell
Associate Superintendent for Operations
Fulton County Schools
786 Cleveland Avenue, SW
Atlanta, GA 30315


Anonymous said...

What the BOE says they'll do and what they end up doing at the end of the day are usually two different things. I would love to believe they have no intentions of accessing Wood Road, but they are planning a Middle School and High School in addition to this Elem. School between B-ham and Freemanville and the only common cut thru is Wood Road. Don't be a fool and be so eager to believe it. As Katie Reeves if famous for saying, "Never say Never!" She won't even be a BOE member when this all comes to fruition, if it even does, so when the players change, so does their words.

Anonymous said...

Possibly this entire fiasco would be mute if a snail darter could be located in a stream nearby, like Chicken Creek.