Friday, October 19, 2007

Press Release / Friday / October 19th / 2007


Late Thursday I received news that an ethics charge was filed against me by one of my opponent's supporters. I wanted you to read about this first-hand and from me. Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions.

This ethics violation charge is frivolous, groundless, politically motivated and conveniently timed. It is just 2 ½ weeks prior to the upcoming election where I am the incumbent and am being contested by someone supported by highly visible developers and a private sewerage company. It is a waste of taxpayer resources and serves as another example of why we must have positive leadership for a positive community. When you read the relationships between my opponent, Mr. Roger Santi, and the others involved I believe you will arrive at the same conclusions.

The complaining party, Mr. Bill Fantozzi, is heavily involved in my opponent's campaign for the District 2 City Council Seat. Given the negative tactics of my opponent's campaign to this point, it is not surprising that someone engaged in his campaign would make these unfounded and politically-motivated allegations. I am also not surprised that my opponent's supporters may not like the fact that I have effectively precluded unplanned, inappropriate development that brings more density, significantly more traffic and additional students to our schools.

Mr. Fantozzi has made a significant financial contribution to my opponent's campaign in 2006 and he has been seen placing "Santi" signs throughout Milton. It is not known yet what financial contributions he has made to the 2007 campaign as my opponent held his fundraiser just after the filing deadline for campaign contributions.

Further, the complainant, Mr. Fantozzi, has previously failed in efforts to introduce sewer into the city of Milton via Castle Pointe. In this effort, Mr. Fantozzi was involved with Mr. Lee Duncan, a developer, who is also aligned with my opponent. You may remember that Mr. Duncan recently used foul language in a local paper to describe me. Both of these individuals, Fantozzi and Duncan, were involved with Innovative Water Solutions (IWS), a private sewer company that also contributed to my opponent's 2006 campaign. This further illustrates the political motivation of the complainant's misguided political efforts.

This is exactly why the ethics ordinance allows for the dismissal of politically motivated and frivolous complaints. Section 22, "Wrongful use of Ethics Code" is very specific and applies to this situation. My opponent surely knows that based on this code, the Ethics Board will most likely have to dismiss this politically-motivated claim.

I will not allow these obvious attempts to distract me from my duties as your City Council member. These dirty tactics by my opponent and his supporters clearly demonstrate that...

Milton Needs Julie...POSITIVE--ly!

Julie Zahner Bailey
Milton City Council
770-664-5529 (h)
404-310-6344 (c)


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! Slick Santi is going down! What an idiot to use dirty mudslinging 2 years in a row! You're right, Julie, Milton does need positive people!

Anonymous said...

"Regrettably," Roger Santi is on the take. The City of Milton is not for sale!

Anonymous said...

Anyone that has seen or knows Fantozzi, can tell he is a quack and a froot loop! So you have a quack and a froot loop supporting an idiot. Anyone that votes for Santi is voting for sewer and development no matter what he says. He can't say he isn't for sewer or development because he definitely won't win, so he has to go along with what he knows the people want until he gets in there, then the rules will change.

M.C. - Milton

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with some of these people?

Anonymous said...

Well, this is all very interesting, but what was the complaint?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Just hadn't scrolled down yet

Anonymous said...

I am afraid I don't understand,

Is she saying "I didn't do it." or is it friviously because it's Ok to do it. H-e-l-p please

Anonymous said...

How is Tom Wilson tied into Santi & Fantozzi?

Anonymous said...

One would assume most supporters don't file ethics complaints againist their candidate of choice.

But, How about some facts.

Did you do it or did you not do it?

Saying "The person who filed the complaint againist me likes sewer and supports my opponent" doesn't shed a whole lot of light on the truth of the matter.

Anonymous said...

Since this all sounds very sophomoric, I would like to quote my 5th grade teacher.

" A hit dog always hollars"

Anonymous said...

Those of us who know Julie also know, She's her own worst enemy.

I hate to say it, but this sounds just like something she would do, and worst of all I don't hear her saying, she didn't do it.


Anonymous said...

How can one City Council Member make Tom Wilson who is a Director of City Community Development do something he is not comfortable doing? Why didn't he complain to the Mayor or other City Council members? This does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

I agree, so why doens't Julie just clear the air and says, "I didn't do it"

Anonymous said...

Even Clinton said, "I did not have sex with that woman"

I heard Monica is voting republican. "The democrats left a bad taste in her mouth"

Anonymous said...

Funny how Bill Clinton and Roger Santi are mentioned in the same blog, eww.
But, the stupid American public had to watch as Clinton tried to define exactly what "sex" was, and obviously what he did didn't consitute a sex act. And the American public would even consider his stupid wife for presidency of our Country and put him back in the
White House as the first "male" first lady, nymphomaniac, sex offender. How many women did he actually accost? Canada is looking better and better the closer Hillary gets to the White House. God Help Us!

Anonymous said...

Go-ooooo Hilary! I'm a Democrat in Milton, I'm a Democrat in Milton. Na-na-na-na-na-na! Sorry folks, but we are not ALL Republicans here. Diversity is a good thing.