Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Milton Forum Wrap Up.

by Tim Enloe /

The evening of Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 proved to be another exciting chapter for the young city of Milton, Georgia. With council seats 2, 4, and 6 up for grabs and the election less than a month away, both incumbents and challengers came prepared to stake their claim.

Questions from the moderator ranged from land use, to parks, to traffic control.

First up for discussion was the District 2 seat with Roger Santi and Julie Zahner Bailey (I) pleading their case.

District 4 contenders Burt Hewitt and Neal O'brien (I) were next in line.

Unfortunately, District 6 Councilman Rick Mohrig (I) was not able to attend due to an unexpected illness leaving opponent Alan Tart without a contender. Organizers allowed Mr. Tart to speak for a three minute period; after which the loudest applause of the evening was heard. Mr. Mohrig did send a written statement regarding his candidacy that the moderator was allowed to read.

So what were your thoughts? Did a candidate surprise you? Disappoint you? Share your thoughts on this event in the comment sections below.


Anonymous said...

Wondeer how Alan felt taking on the invisible opponent!

Anonymous said...

The same as the rest of the council dealing with the "invisible" councilman.

Anonymous said...

We need to get O'Brien out of office.

Anonymous said...

Even better, let's get O'Brien and Mohrig out and keep them out.

Anonymous said...

We have been receiving telephone surveys for Milton council race. When questioned as to who is paying for these surveys, the one calling does not know. I am curious as to who is sponsering and paying for these calls. Anyone have any idea?

Anonymous said...

Canidate's campaigns