Friday, October 05, 2007

Who's Got Game?

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Who's got game?


October 04, 2007

There's nothing like a little sibling rivalry between sister cities.In the spirit of friendly competition, Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker and Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood have made a bet – over football."We thought we would introduce some friendly rivalry between the two new cities," said Bodker.So, which city has the better football team, or in Johns Creek's case, teams?"

I'm surely rooting for Milton," said Lockwood. "But the whole thing will be fun – win, lose or draw."The deciding games will be:• Milton at Northview, Oct. 12• Chattahoochee at Milton, Nov. 9The stakes are simple, yet priceless."The loser will be forced to wear the winner's team uniform or similar regalia through an entire council meeting," said Bodker.And what happens if there is a tie?Both mayors will be good sports and don their rival's gear.


Anonymous said...

Joe's got some nice biceps! Whoo! Whoo!

Anonymous said...

Yeah nice arms Joe! So much more ripped than Bodker!
Proud to call you my Mayor ;)