Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2007 AJC Voters Guide / Milton District 4 / At Large

Credit goes to The Atlanta-journal Constitution /

Burt Hewitt (Nonpartisan)

Age (as of Nov. 6): 32
Education: B.S. in marketing.
Profession: Regional sales manager.
Residence: No response -->
Family: Married; three daughters, 7, 5 and 2.

What experience will help you in this job?

My career in sales has made me focus on my customers. My strength is listening to the customer. I will consider the constituents my customers to serve. I have served in a variety of roles at my church including youth director, and chairman of the board of trustees. In those roles, I have had to lead groups of people with a variety of needs, wants and personalities.

If elected, what will be your priorities?

If elected, my No. 1 priority will be to represent my constituents. I want to preserve the heritage of this community, and I will fight for residents of this newly formed city. It will also be important to get the citizens involved in their city government. Educating our citizens on the key issues is crucial to the success of this city.

What's the best thing an elected official in the post you are seeking can do for your community?

The best thing I can do for my community is to inform the citizens about the importance of decisions made today and their effects on our lifestyle in the future.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one thing (not a person) would you want to have?

I would want to have a family photograph. Being a husband and father have humbled me, made me strive for excellence, and be a man of character.


Anonymous said...

Excellent choice for council!

Anonymous said...

Burt, you will represent this community well. I hope the people here give you the chance come November 6th. You are a man of honor and outstanding character and I have not met one person who knows you well that hasn't said good things about you - except for your opponent (who, as previously posted by those who know him personally, and professionally, have stated that he has a very questionable character).

Again I say, may goodness and honesty prevail in Milton on November 6th with a vote for YOU!

The Best of Luck to you - and for all of us in Milton....

-Patti Silva

Anonymous said...

Burt's opponent may have very questionable behavior, but I received a peice in the mail yesterday and he looks really good, almost amazing.

Anonymous said...

Was this printed on toilet paper??

Anonymous said...

Photoshop touch up is amazing - isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Neal's piece may look amazing but but the truth is that it contains nothing more than utter lies.

Take this from someone who knows Neal personally and who has experienced first hand the true measure of the man.

If you are impressed by him and his 'piece', then vote for him. But don't complain when you learn first hand just how very unethical, vicious and completely lacking in integrity he is.

You reap what you sow - it truly concerns me that Milton is going to learn this lesson too late.

Anonymous said...

If you want JJ to rule Milton, be sure to vote for O'Brien, Santi and Mohrig. If you think fabulous four are bad, wait until you have the fabulous five.

Without a doubt, the entire group, including Thurman and Lusk are unethical, vicious and completely lacking in integrity. JJ is ruthless and is drunk on power.

As stated by previous poster, don't be too late in learning your lesson.