Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Take Action Now Milton Voters

People for Milton Say, "VOTE NOVEMBER 3rd"
Important City Council Race

The People for Milton encourage all voters to VOTE!
Go to the polls on Tuesday November 3, vote early until October 30, or vote absentee. (Link here for absentee voting instructions). Remember that all council seats in Milton are at-large seats. This means that you vote for all council seats regardless of where you live.
The People for Milton is a group of residents with opinions, based on research and facts, about this election. We proudly display our names in the right-hand column. (Below, Accessmilton edit due to posting format.)
Deciding who to vote for can be confusing with all the communications out there so it is important for you to get to know the candidates for who they really are. You will find that everyone in this race says they support essentially the same thing. But, the facts make it very clear where these individuals stand relative to citizen expectations for Milton. We believe this election, therefore, comes down to who can be trusted.
We trust Bernard Wolff (District 1, At-Large), Al Trevillyan (District 3, At-Large), and Incumbent Tina D'Aversa (District 5, At-Large). They are up against individuals who portray themselves as rural preservationist and protectors of Milton, but whose records prove otherwise.
We do not trust Incumbent Karen Thurman (District 1, At-Large), Incumbent Bill Lusk (District 3, At-Large), or Joe Longoria (District 5, At-Large). We believe they have a future carved out for Milton that is much different from the Vision of the majority of Milton's citizens. Thurman and Lusk voted to extend sewer in September 2008 (Sewer is a precursor to high density which in turn leads to more traffic, congestion, and loss of rural character). Link to AJC Article of 9/16/08 They have also approved nearly all variances asked for by developers (Variances are usually requested by developers when they wish to put more density on a property than what our zoning ordinance will allow). They both have family and business ties to the development community. They have their campaign signs on developers' properties, and developers attended their campaign kick-offs and fund their campaigns. Longoria, a newcomer to the scene with no local government experience, is staunchly supported by Thurman and Lusk.
NOTE: has had to manipulate the initial format of this campaign ad due to the limits of
Tina D'Aversa (Incumbent) OUR TRUSTED PICK IN DISTRICT 5!
Tina D'Aversa has been on our City Council since the City incorporated in 2006, and she has worked exceptionally hard to represent ALL Milton citizens. For us, Tina is especially vital to this city council because she lives along Highway 9, she teaches in one of our middle schools, and she knows the issues - comprehensively. Tina stands for what is right and speaks her own mind. Tina has shown herself to be free of political alignments in this election by endorsing two people running against incumbents Karen Thurman and Bill Lusk.
Tina has a proven track record of protecting our rural equestrian character. She consistently votes against variances to our zoning ordinance when no hardship is demonstrated. This has resulted in development that complies with our laws and is less dense, more harmonious with surrounding areas, and is less impactful on the environment.
Tina is an advocate for parks and recreation. She sponsored the resolution to create the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board - a citizen group formed to provide recommendations to the council regarding placement and design of parks. She has also been actively involved in improving the quality of life of citizens across Milton including the Highway 9/Deerfield area. She has partnered with council members and staff to initiate formation of the Milton Police and Citizens Together (MPACT) - an initiative designed to prevent crime and keep citizens safe.
Please visit her website:
Joe Longoria (District 5)
We are concerned about Karen Thurman's and Bill Lusk's support of Joe Longoria given that all three are promoting high density development as the main source of city revenue. Based on his alliances with people who support overdevelopment, we think it could spell trouble for Milton if he wins.
Mr. Longoria says he supports "Smart Growth" to raise revenue. " Smart Growth" is nothing more than high density development with homes tightly-nestled on very small lots. Atlantic Station in Atlanta is an example of a "Smart Growth" development.
An objective of "Smart Growth" is to provide housing for people of all income levels, and in order to do that, lot sizes must be smaller and more densely developed. In addition, "Smart Growth" provides a means for communities to incorporate more compact building design. Compact building design encourages buildings to grow vertically rather than horizontally and incorporates structured parking (i.e. parking decks) rather than surface parking (i.e. parking lots). In attempting to "preserve" available land and prevent "sprawl," "Smart Growth" calls for reduced buffers and setbacks between properties including commercial and residential development. The resulting "saved" greenspace is meager compared to what we enjoy today on larger lots. The compact design also means that there will be even more available land for more high density, commercial development. "Smart Growth" also discourages gating of subdivisions and encourages an open road network with road connectivity, therefore no cul-de-sacs.
While this type of development design may be acceptable and even "smart" in higher density areas like Deerfield and Crabapple, it is more appropriate in inner city, urban areas like downtown Atlanta. This design does not fit the sum of Milton's Vision. In fact, last year our Design Review Board (DRB) recommended (and a majority of our council later approved) improvements to our Highway 9 Overlay to include a 2-story height limitation on buildings and increased buffers. Ironically, the only council member voting against these improvements was Karen Thurman (Bill Lusk was absent).
Bernard Wolff (Challenger Against Karen Thurman)
Bernard Wolff is a standout in this election. His business background of 30+ years includes building small businesses from scratch to success. He has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. He has a sincere, confident nature.
As a resident of this area since the 1940's, Bernard has seen Milton evolve. We think his skills and background are right for Milton, and he is positioned to help us attract businesses that we want while maintaining our character and uniqueness and a place we are all proud to call home.
We believe Bernard will ensure responsible, managed growth and development through the consistent application of our existing land use policies and zoning ordinance.
He will not support sewer extensions. Bernard is ready and equipped to make headway as soon as he replaces incumbent Karen Thurman.
Please visit his website:
Karen Thurman
(Incumbent from District 1)
Friend of Developers
As an original member of the Crabapple Master Plan Committee, she pressed for a failed plan that required no controls or transportation plan; it just called for high density. (FC REGULAR MEETING, JUNE 4, 2003). Many commercial and office buildings in Crabapple sit empty, and as we know, the traffic congestion is horrible. Thurman was the chairperson of the Finance Committee for the inception of our city. She said that our city had the funds to afford itself. Now she says we must allow more high density and commercial development to pay our bills.
Thurman claims that our city needs her on council due to her financial background as a CPA. Yes, Thurman claims to be the primary architect of the recently terminated contract between the City and CH2MHill - a contract that was poorly written, lacked performance measures or oversight, and included a huge profit markup for CH2MHill.
Thurman's so-called "financial oversight" has cost Milton taxpayers millions of dollars in the past three years. It is no coincidence that Thurman's re-election bid is supported by mostly developers. She has family and professional ties to developers and has voted for nearly every variance asked for by the development community. (Nothing new, she did the same thing for the 14 years she was on the Fulton County Board of Zoning Appeals).
Al Trevillyan (Write-in Candidate Against Bill Lusk)
Al Trevillyan is a "write-in" candidate. It is very important that voters understand that they must type in his name on the ballot. As a former member of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), Al has been actively involved in the planning stages for the Milton we all love.
He has been very vocal that the city needs to do more to fill empty retail and office spaces. He will bring fresh, innovative ideas to the city council. For instance, Al has proposed that an Economic Development Commission be established to seek out quality businesses to add to our quality of life and fill up our empty store fronts. To raise revenue, he believes that we must first fill the vacant developments we have now before we build for the sake of building. We also trust that he will oppose efforts to extend sewer.
Unlike his opponent, we think Al will value and respect all citizens in Milton and will work to improve the quality of life of everyone in the city. He put his name in this race because he believes that incumbent Bill Lusk has consistently benefited developers by voting repeatedly for higher density, sewer extension, and variances.
Please visit his website:
Bill Lusk (Incumbent from District 3)
Less Talk, Little Action
Along with his consistent votes for higher densities, sewer extension, and variances without required hardships, Lusk has put forth measures attempting to silence the public and limit public discussion of issues by council members.
Following one meeting where citizens were vocal, Lusk wrote an e-mail calling Milton citizens, "a third grade class of misfits, incorrigible and spoiled brats."
His vote to extend sewer last September 2008, along with his views on sewer expressed to citizens and other council members, prove that he will support sewer extension again. Link to minutes of the 9/15/08 meeting.
VOTE on Nov.3 for Bernard, Al and Tina!
We think we could do so much better without Karen Thurman, Bill Lusk and their choice, Joe Longoria. There is simply too much at stake to elect council members that represent special interests or personal agenda. We're not promoting "no growth" - our commercial areas are needed for the tax base - but developing with reckless abandonment while so much stands empty puts nothing in Milton's coffers.
In order to preserve and protect the Milton we all love, please vote on November 3 for Tina D'Aversa, Bernard Wolff, and Al Trevillyan (Tre-vill-yan) remember to write his name on the ballot!
Let your voices be known!!
Some of the People for Milton:
John and Amy Bratten
Todd Harkleroad
Mark and Dianne Baker
Carol Bullock
Mike and Cindy Orr
Carl and Sharon Mays
Kurt and Julie Nolte
Larry Johnstone
Dianne Redding
Roger and Ann Festa
Marilyn and Don Willis
Walter and Laura Dean
David Shepherd
Jan Laketa
Laura Wright
Rob and Laura Bentley
Leon and Lillian Cole
Jeff and Anna Anton
Bill and Tracey Schellhorn
Diane Perron
Heidi Sowder
Darryl Jan Porter
Dr. Dale Lane and Carol Lane
Kay Harrison
John and Kala McRae
Diane Palmer
Joan Borzilleri
Joan Wunderle
Larry and Kim Daniels
Neil and Tara Chambers
Lynn Gregory
Jim and Catherine Jones
Carter and Cary Schlenke
Crystal Matusevich
Mathieu Rein
Dr. Herschel Beker and Jennifer Beker
Barbara Owens
Jay Powell
Vicki Stokes
Julie Pinckney
Marty and Jan Lock
Faye McNulty
Dave and Tammy Duley
Kathy Tusa
Priscilla and Ryad Kahale
John and Laurie O'Connor
Ken and Randy Hall
If you would like to become involved in the endorsement of honest, transparent, citizen- focused representation on the Milton City Council or if you have questions about the People for Milton coalition, please
CourtesyPeople4Milton 916 Devon Crossing Way Milton GA 30004


Anonymous said...

Quite a list of nuts, flakes and gadflies.

How do these people get away with this crap?

Anonymous said...

The "people" are scared because the poll on this blog shows who the citizens of Milton want on our City Council...

Anonymous said...

I said it before, if you vote for liars, you will get a bunch of liars on the council. If you vote for people of integrity, you will get people of integrity. You pick, Milton.

In my summation of Hitler's words...I can tell huge lies and make the people believe because people do not want to believe that others will tell such outrages lies. Look it up - Mein Kampf

So Sad to compare Milton to NAZI Germany but Julie and her gang have learned from the best propaganda expert ever to use the media...

Anonymous said...

And we got to see more in the presidential election last year. Ever wonder how people like Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, McKinney get started? They dupe some lemmings that are hoping to make a difference, but don't fact check or critically evaluate agendas.
I bet nearly all on this list heard it from a friend, heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend....

Anonymous said...

Well Said! Just because it is in ink does not make it so. Please review your facts before you vote... That is all I aks for - do not be the mindless lemmings of lore...

Anonymous said...

I have a rule that if someone arguing a political point invokes the "Nazi Ploy" and characterizes the other guy(s) as goose-stepping, card-carrying members of the SS, then their argument is invalid. It's a silly and arguably offensive rhetorical tactic and says much more about the accuser than the accused. Try to elevate your game.

Anonymous said...

Where are all those folks names that signed the peoples email last election?

Anonymous said...

Most, if not all, of these people are transplants.

How can they possibly care about anything?

Anonymous said...

The Big Lie is a political device that was used in Hitler's political machine.

I think it is clear that several candidates are using this device in this campaign - there are many lies and attacks on character coming from one camp.

If the parallel exists between Hitler's device and this device, that is not my fault. They choose to take this path.

Anonymous said...

Where is Devon Crossing Way? It does not come up with an internet search?

Anonymous said...

That address does not exist in Milton. It is a lie just like everything else in their email. Does anyone see a trend here?

Anonymous said...

Someone find out for sure because if that is not a real address then that's it. Decision made. I can't stand that crap.

Anonymous said...

Map Quest couldn't find Devon Crossing Way either!

Anonymous said...

It is not listed on Google Maps or Yahoo Maps either.

I wonder if all of the names listed are real. If so, did those poor people know what the actual email was going to say when they agreed to have their names listed as supporters or were they under the influence of JZB's kool-aid at that time?

Anonymous said...

Karen Thurman is in charge of the media in Milton. She owns John Fredericks. The poll reflects the recent influx of Crooked Creek residents who have just now decided to become engaged in their City. Prior to the gate issue, the only sound coming from them were the crickets in their backyard. Sad how people only become involved in issues when they feel they are being directly affected. Where were the residents or Joe Longoria when it came to showing up at City Hall to protect the city from sewer extension, or inter-basin transfer, or adopting the FC sewer map, again, crickets. They need to gate the neighborhood and put a lock on it. They don't care about anything other then their community, thus their Savior is being sent to City Council to get those gosh darn gates or else. And Karen Thurman is going to change STATE LAW for Crooked Creek, right, that is hillarious. Good way for her to garner some votes though, by making promises she knows there is no way will happen.

Anonymous said...

Enough already of the Crooked Creek Bashing!! It is getting old and doesn't accomplish anything!

Anonymous said...

So, does anyone know where Devon Crossing Way is?

Anonymous said...

Not for your side it doesn't accomplish anything but revealing the truth.

Travis Allen said...

Just to make a point.

Tina does NOT live along Highway 9.

Anonymous said...

The "People of Milton" have it so wrong. How can you vote for D'Aversa when her tenure has been nothing but a disaster? We have no parks, Birmingham Village (Publix development) is losing businesses every month, the city has done nothing to improve the quality of life for its residents. WE NEED CHANGE! LONGORIA, LUSK and THURMAN is the ONKY way to vote on November 3rd!

Anonymous said...

Weycroft Circle IS off of Hwy 9.

Anonymous said...

You guys make Hitler comparisons? Secures my vote. Can't believe I live in the same city. And that idiot that blames Tina for no parks and empty retail? Can't believe my vote counts the same as yours.

Anonymous said...

You are the idiot.

Anonymous said...

Nice come back. Very witty and germane. I don't live in Crooked Creek, but when it represents - in my understanding - almost 10% of Milton, I thin we should listen. not saying they should dictate policy, but have a question: when CC was going after gating (I wish our neighborhood would) were they turned down because people wanted to use it as a cut-through, including some of City Council?

Anonymous said...

Nooooooo. It's a public road. Period.

Anonymous said...

People, citizens whatever. Tina was pushing to get Crooked Creek gated also. So why keep on bringing up Joe Longoria pushing to get it gated. If elected he may not even have a vote!!!!!!!! If Tina is elected she will probably vote for it. So what is ya'lls point here!!!! DUH!!! STUPIDITY!!!!

Tina does not live on Highway 9. She lives in Champions View which is on Hopewell and Francis Rd. They don't even know where she lives!!!!!! Oh yes that is a subdivision also. Do you not think that if her subdivision wanted something from city hall that she would not fight for it. But again she may not have a vote. Get your facts straight people and do some background checking yourself before going to the polls!!!! Pull yourself off the computer for a while and go talk to them on a one by one face to face discussion or just don't show up and vote at all!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tina doesn't live in Champions View you moron. "Check your facts", go back to Gwinnett

Wes Williams said...

Hello everyone.........especially those who are running this time around. I was sitting here going through my emails when one pops up from "People 4 Milton" at 2:17 am, Thursday morning.

After reading it, the contents of this particular email drove me to respond to those who are responsible for sending out this toxic email..........and here's what I have to say about it.

I am sick and tired of all of the campaign rhetoric, specifically:





I am in real estate, and make my living by representing folks who own property, and by also representing folks who want to buy property.

I am one of those "residential and commercial" realtors mentioned in your People 4 Milton mass emails, and I resent it.

Developers, civil engineers, real estate attorneys, home builders, surveyors, supply companies, electrical contractors, private sewer companies, foundation companies, are also mentioned, and these good folks are not to be portrayed as the devil incarnate.

Our names should not be drug through the mud in an attempt to stir up hatred and contempt amongst those who "merely" live in the city of Milton.

My good friend, and neighbor, Chris Owens, is running for Alpharetta City Council- he is a good man, and happens to be a civil engineer. He is being painted as a horrible person because he has a profession that associates with land owners, developers, and construction firms. Let's just march over to his house right now, and run him out of the city for being such a terrible man.


Keeping Milton the same means that Milton will wither on the vine.

Keeping sewer out of Milton means that no water is returned to the public sewer system for reclamation or able to return to our waterways.

Keeping Milton on septic tanks is bad for the environment and bad for our water runoff quality and our stream quality.

Unless one is a Cherokee Indian descendant living in an original Cherokee dwelling, each one of us in Milton lives in a home built by an evil developer- an entity so despised and wretched by Miltonians that they forget how Milton became a developed municipality. Definition of Developer: One who prepares a residential or commercial site. If you built your own home, you are a developer. If you built one of the many roads that get us around in Milton, you are a developer. If you built one of the stores we frequent, you are a developer. If you built one of our parks, you are a developer. Development is a part of our lives- we condemn the development in downtown Crabapple, but are the first to go have a beer at the Olde Blinde Dog, or fill up our gas tank at the evil gas station on the corner. Or send our kids to the government or private schools built by developers.

Preventing land owners from availing themselves of the Future Land Use Map will result in lost lawsuits by the city of Milton. The Constitution of the United States of America gives landowners the right to develop their property to the highest and best use, as set forth in a municipality's FLUM.

If you, as a candidate, or elected official, really want no more development, then I would rather that you be a man, or woman, and tell me, and everyone now.

Just make sure you also tell your Community Development Department, so they can go home. And make sure you tell your City Attorney, so he can bone up on defending the City of Milton against the torrent of lawsuits that will surely follow when property owners are not able to achieve their property's highest and best use.

I think that it is very shallow, and easy, to blame the realtor, to blame the developer, to blame the construction company, and to paint anyone associated with the above mentioned professions as dastardly folks, in an attempt to gain votes on election day.

This rhetoric has got to stop-

Wes Williams
Carroll Realty
- Since 1956 -
cell (770) 365-5433