Thursday, October 29, 2009

Retraction And Apology.


We would like to extend an apology to former Milton City Attorney Mark Scott.

Earlier this month, information came to us that Mr. Scott was party to the Neal O'Brien Ethics charge Against D'Aversa.

After further investigation, this information regarding Mr. Scott turned out to be false. We have corrected this error and reposted the article as it should have be written initially. Our apologies to Mr. Scott for this error.

Tim Enloe
Magnolia Media, LLC
770 653 0552

Former Milton Councilman Neal O'Brien filed an ethics charge against District 5 Councilwoman Tina D'Aversa earlier today.

O'brien only held his district 4 seat for a mere ten months due to a run-off with former candidate Tim Enloe. Come the Fall of 2007, Burt Hewitt easily dethroned the former councilman to capture the fourth district position. Neither party could be reached for comment at press time.


Anonymous said...

Now how did that information come about. You must be an honorable person, to issue a retraction and apology. I don't know what to say other than the Beacon would never do that. Wow!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should see Mark's new chick he is sporting around.

Anonymous said...

Who is Mark and who is she?

Anonymous said...

So everything else is TRUE?????? WOW - This town should be like a reality soap opera. Is that it? Are you guys just trying to get your own show like the balloon boy's family?

Anonymous said...

We've had our show for three or more years.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Let's see who will step away form the biggest mistake - Karen Thurman
See comments under "The Accuracy Of Polls."
She cheats those serving in the military , how can she look in the mirror

Anonymous said...

The Hitler Proganda machine is in full force. Do not believe Julie's lies. She will do anything to have her puppets in action. Trust me, ANYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Tell us more about "The Hitler Proganda machine"

Anonymous said...

You guys are just desperately posting on every news item regardless of whether its relevant or not to try to get people to read the false and libelous postings against Karen! Too bad for you that its not credible enough for the print media to run it!

Anonymous said...

The print media in Milton is not credible.