Monday, October 19, 2009

Re-Elect Tina D'Aversa

Experienced, Professional, Balanced and Caring

Experienced, Professional, Balanced and caring! These words describe me, your Milton City Council Representative. I have worked hard to achieve great successes for our city and have represented the entire city with selflessly and with honor.

Our young city needs leaders like me who are experienced, assertive and yet remain balanced in challenging times. I have the proven work ethic and commitment needed to effectively and efficiently guide our city. The decisions I have made as a City Council Member and as a member of the City of Milton Steering Committee have ensured fiscal responsibility, accessibility for all citizens, open and transparent government, controlled and appropriate growth and development, respect for the law, and preservation for our rural, equestrian character. I will continue to lead in a manner that is consistent with the Vision of our citizens.

My list of accomplishments include: Being instrumental in developing the city infrastructure over the last three years; establishing the Milton Disability Awareness Committee; the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, The Highway 9 Design Review Board and many other committees that help to successfully guide out city. I have remained engaged and attentive to these committee members as they help form our infrastructure. My role as policy maker does not end with the law. It begins with the law. I pledged to uphold the law – On this I will not waiver!

I have worked to develop our historic and unique community as the City of Milton. The city founders have made great strides but have much more to accomplish. I will lead this community and make sure your wishes are fulfilled. My work has only just begun in the appropriate development of Deerfield and Highway 9. I want the city to expand Bell Memorial Park now and begin the development of Birmingham Park utilizing our Parks Authority for funding. Citizens need destinations to drive a thriving community. Green space, pocket parks and a library are just a few opportunities I am focusing on now.

I support among many major issues:
  • No tax increases
  • Controlled spending
  • Developing and expanding Parks and Green Space
  • Accessibility for all citizens
  • Appropriate growth and development
I want your vote on November 3, 2009, to keep me as your District 5 City Council Representative! We have so much more to accomplish!!!



Anonymous said...

For all the "poise & polish", "tireless work & heroic efforts", Tina just doesn't have much to show for her three years.
Pretty unremarkable in fact. Most of her claims amount to being present and anyone could claim "participation"points.
She suggests establishing disability council, but just wrote superfluous proclamation long after it was up and running, in order to "technically" claim credit...classic Julie trick.
Caught redhanded with a bribe attempt, part of numerous dishonest dealings during her term, mostly to help her buddy/victim colleague. Parks?? She tried to get the Gov to veto city's ability to even have the park initiatives. Work ethic? She would be quick to dispatch any city employee that brought unsupervised children to meetings that caused disruption. (Exposure to Zahner is inappropriate for children anyway). Yet it is ok for her? Double standard? Elitist?

You be the judge

Oh, and when we lost a million bucks: she was right there supporting those responsible.
Quick, someone turn off the stage lights, this play is almost over.

Anonymous said...

"balanced, caring"


victim nurturer, on your dime

Anonymous said...

oh, shut the hell up already. What do you a council member who depends on the voting pattern of 6 othe people to say...cured cancer? You people are unreal.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is just like tv, if you don't like it, change the station or turn it off. Obviously, you've been reading it, so......

Anonymous said...

My question du jour: Why doesn't a self-proclamed publishing executive proof read her material before she publishes....

I hope she paid more attention to details as our council person.

Tons of typos and run-on sentences. Sorry, it just bugs me to death. I am worried about the demise of the city and the English language with her around.

Anonymous said...

Blogger: Please use your own advice.....and a dictionary to correct your spelling errors.


"proof read"

Anonymous said...

ha ha touche. I deserve the chastizing. typo on proclaimed and a fragment you did not notice. My Bad.

But, in the end, I am not running for office, I do not have a campaign committee checking my stuff or even a spell check available. I am not a publishing executive - just a humble Milton citizen offended by lying and bad English.

Anonymous said...

Proof read is the same as proof red. Read a book is the same as read a book. Don't get it...

The work read can be reed or red depending on the context.

Please correct me if I am wrong

Anonymous said...

Self proclaimed, but failed, publishing executive.
Did she say she loves the law, or lawyers?

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a failed publisher. Inaccuracies will prove your position to be less than attractive.