Saturday, October 17, 2009

Letter To The Editor

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, for the last 16 years I've been involved in

our community from an advocacy perspective with the sole
mission of preserving our rural and historic character. To
reach that goal, The City of Milton must achieve a point of
financial sustainability, as our rural enjoyment and
the freedom it offers has it's price too.

For the last three years and since becoming a City, the City

Council has struggled over many issues from fixing what was
broken when governed by Fulton County to creating initiatives,
direction and policy for a City in our own vision. If you have
followed the news, you'll know it's often been a test of patience,
frequently over-analyzed and continually challenged from
within. All for little result and without a clear path to follow.

A unified City Council would resolve this situation and that's
what we have an opportunity to make happen.

We need to make changes in Milton so business will once again

thrive. Home values will return and a positive forward motion
will begin again. To do so, The City must create a sustainable
financial model to grow upon. We must rethink areas like
Crabapple and the Highway 9 Corridor and allow them to
redefine themselves. They can reemerge as being economically

feasible while at the same time provide a valued service and
appeal to its community.

The challenge over the past three years is that part of The

City Council recognizes the need to grow to find financial
sustenance and part does not. This is Milton's age old struggle
to "grow", "not to grow". Foremost, we must grow and must do
so in an intelligent and protective manner. To "not
grow" is not the answer and will continue to hold back all our

needs and wants for parks, improved roadways and other
citywide improvements.

I've written you today to ask for your time in going to the

polls on November the 3rd or anytime between then and now
at the North Annex on Roswell Road at Morgan Falls and help
The City build a strong, unified Council that gets us all
back on track.

From my perspective, this is not just another's

perhaps the most important vote for our City yet!

Please feel free to forward this email to your friends and

encourage them to get involved in the November 3rd vote!

Thank you for your time,

Buck Bell

Karen Thurman, District 1

Bill Lusk, District 3

Joe Longoria, District 5


Anonymous said...

Buck Bell, you are so transparent. Of course you want Thurman, Lusk, and Longoria to win. You own land in Crabapple and stand to make A LOT of money if Thurman and Lusk and their buddy Shrek, I mean Longoria, cram city hall, a library, and more density there. Not that your intentions are bad. After all, you have not been charged, as elected officials are, to make decisions that benefit the city as a whole. But let's keep it real.

Anonymous said...

How many fingers does Thurman have left to point at Fulton County?

She planned Crabapple as a member of the Crabapple Master Plan Committee way back. Now that it's a failure she says it was Fulton's fault?? Come on!

Take off your shoes, Karen. You'll need to start counting toes for your backpeddaling campaign.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bell, my daughter is friends with your daughter and we felt you were a decent person until I was forwarded this message. You told Councilmember D'aversa you supported her. Tell me why you changed your mind. Did you realize she is strong independent decision maker who sees through your attempt to push inappropriate develoment to Crabapple. D'aversa has every value Milton needs including a strong financial background and Mba in finance.

She makes the best decisions in support of the citizens. She is elected by us not just developers. Have you reviewed the budget or met with D'aversa? I have! She is a prudent decision maker! Why longoria? Because you can manipulate him? You certainly manipulate Thurman and lusk! The Crabapple presentation you made was selfserving and inapproprite.

You deserve what you get for your business and property in Crabapple!

I feel sorry for my town if selfish people like you are in power! I want a decisionmaker who is educated knowledgeable and trustworthy. I do not know Trevylian and Wolfe....but from what I have seen from Thirman and Lusk and you at the Crabapple presentation...citizens who care are better than these selfserving politicians.

You have dissappointed us and we will not forget you.

I will be anonymous because my daughter and yours are friends. How dissappointing!

Anonymous said...

WOW. And this, my friends, is what this election is all about: Self serving developers and landowners against people who want Milton to stay true to its stated Vision. Buck Bell is one of the most self serving people in this city. It's all about Crabapple to him. To hell with other sections of the city and everyone else. He has even gone so far as to say that "those people" off Highway 9 aren't really the kind of people that will come to Crabapple anyway. This kind of political/demographical devisiveness is the very reason elistist like Karen Thurman, Bill Lusk, and Joe Longoria need to be defeated on Nov 3.

Anonymous said...

To the 6:47 a.m. poster: You were friends with Buck before you found out his politics and now you are not? How dare he have views of his own and do something without your permission! I would guess this doesn't make you much of a friend or much of a person. Remind me never to meet you.

Tina a prudent decision maker? Obvsiously, you have never attended a council meeting or work session, because if you have you would know that she is completely indecisive and votes whichever way the wind is blowing. Those who can, do and those who can't, teach. From witnessing Tina's performances on council, she needs to stick to teaching.

Anonymous said...

Ooch! But True.

Anonymous said...

Hey, good job! You just insulted a conscientious group of voters - TEACHERS!

Teachers CAN and DO vote!

Anonymous said...

"you told Councilmember D'avera you supported her."

Tina Zahner-Tart, I seriously doubt Buck ever supported you.

Anonymous said...

The poeple Buck supports are major part of the problem. The developers have brought high density and mult-family inot the area which will ruin it as it has much of Atlanta area.

Multiple Indian supermarkets, mattress shops replacing higher-end retail - what's next check-cashing businesses? now murders and increasing crime rate. Reportedly, heroin arrests at Milton H.S. These developers that are fighting to change the concept of Milton should be severely ostracized and that includes Thurman and Lockwood. The new High School with new redistricting will bring property values down in close vicinity.