Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beacon Debate-Milton Municipal Election

Milton Municipal Debate

Sponsored By:
The Beacon and Atlanta National Golf Club

Wednesday, October 28th
Atlanta National Golf Club
350 Tournament Players Drive Alpharetta, GA 30004 (770) 442-8801

Cocktail Reception
6:00 -7:00 PM
Free Hors d'oeuvres / Cash Bar

Time: 7:15 – 9:30 PM

Candidates Invited To Participate

For Mayor
Joe Lockwood

For City Council - District 1

For City Council - District 3

For City Council - District 5

Sponsor tables available: $150.00
Call 770-640-3230 to reserve

Rules of Engagement –Milton Debate
Moderators: John Fredericks and Jonathan Copsey

I. Opening statement: 90 seconds- random order by District.

II. Questions: Each candidate will get two direct questions.
A. One questions will come from the moderators
B. Each candidate will have the opportunity to pose one question to their opponent
The candidate receiving the question has 90 seconds
Candidates in the same post as the candidate receiving the question has 60 seconds
One or two candidates in another post may be selected randomly by the moderators (no advance notice) and have 60 seconds
The candidate who received the question has the final word and receives an additional 30 seconds
Example: Bernard Wolff, candidate for District 1 gets a question. He has 90 seconds to respond. Post 1 candidate Karen Thurman gets 60 seconds to respond. One or two candidates from other Districts may be asked to respond to the same question by the moderators. Wolff gets the last word with 30 seconds, and so forth.

There will be a 10-minute break between segments II-A and II-B.
All candidates will have an equal number of questions and responses.

III. Closing Statement: 90 seconds, random order by District
Note: No topics or advance questions will be provided.
Courtesy Beacon Media


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This event will be pure partisan, biased, and not worth the time of the community. But maybe John Fredericks will catch a break when Savior Obama bails out the newspapers since they are all dying out due to lack of subscribers.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather attend a funeral of an estranged relative then go to any event the Beacon puts on. Why not jump into shark infested waters, same thing.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the the radical protection candidates are not attending. Darn! I was anxious to see how well they stood up in a real debate where the moderators were not their fan club!

Anonymous said...

Why are you charging $150 to hear debates on Wednesday, October 28th when it was free at the Forum. Whose pocket is that money going into and why?

In this economy, $150 is a goodly amount for something I should be able to hear for free. Maybe I will vote for the other guys, Tina, Bernard, and Al. They aren't charging anything.

Anonymous said...

To pay for the venue? To pay back their campaign? To keep the rif-raf out?

Anonymous said...

Are you just dumb? The thing reads $150 to buy a sponsor table at the event, not to attend. Duh. I went to their Alpharetta Council Debate at the Met club, it was the best one I've been to. They sell the tables to banks and stuff, their is no admission, plus they had free appetizers from local eateries. How do some of you people get through life?

Anonymous said...

By staying away from idiots like you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you go for the food, poster 9:13 PM, not the issues, right? Tell me, who has had the best food and I'll vote for them. Food trumps the issues, right?

Anonymous said...

Wahh wahh wahh, that's the sound of Karen, Bill, and Joe Longoria crying like babies because the Forum was fair and the questions came from their COMMUNITY. So if they didn't like the questions then they are criticizing the people who they want to vote for them. The moderators merely Read the questions submitted. And all of them just looked so bad because of the people who put the event on? The one person that looked like an IDIOT was Bill Lusk, who may have well have not even showed up, then to show up an hour and 15 minutes late for the event. Class Act Bill.. Hope everyone can spell Tre-vill-yan when it comes to writing in your replacement.

Anonymous said...

Whether you enjoy or hate The Beacon, they did put on an excellent debate for Roswell and Alpharetta. The thing is that nobody got a free pass on issues. And nobody bitched about the questions afterward, not a person from a single campaign. And if there was a campaign issue, the question got asked.

Putting on a debate at a place like the Metro Club or Atlanta National isn't free, so a charge for sponsorship seems pretty reasonable. Somebody figures out how to do it so the public get's the advantage of comfort, convenience, and a cocktail if they choose, and somebody else who wants to talk to the electorate picks up the tab. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

On the other hand, maybe a venue like that isn't as conducive to a debate (not a forum) as a nice barn (with no offense intended to the owners of said barn.)

Wednesday's debate will be historic: The first Debate in the history of our town. Despite the fact that some candidates have apparently threatened a "boycott", the show will go on, and good for the paper. That's one of the roles of the press, isn't it? To help expose ideas and points of view. A boycott, if it really happens, will be a huge statement about how some people think our town should be run.

It will be great to hear positions exchanged, without shivering my rear off, or taking shelter in the house where the only thing worth seeing was Al try to figure out how not to freeze to death.

I admit, I've read web sites, and allegations and responses here. I guess my point is everyone seems to want to take a shot at the paper. That sounds a lot like Nixon taking pot shots at the Post because he didn't like Woodward and Bernstein talking about a hotel break in.

Giving everyone (what kind of looks like two sides) the benefit of the doubt, I'll give the paper the same benefit. You may not like what they had to say, but they've printed news, after all, and identified opinion from facts.

I expect to hear a great deal from all our candidates come Wednesday night. the thing is, if somebody "no-shows"" that'll be a mouthful too.

And the paper won't have had a thing to do with that.

Anonymous said...

You smear Tina and attack her at every turn, then want her to show up for a debate so you can skewer her more? Why should she show and have you heap more crap on her? I hope so stays away.

Anonymous said...

Because this is her chance to say her piece, tell her story, dispute what she thinks is not true and tell voters why she should be re-elected. if you read the rules on the post the Beacon only gets to ask her one question- the others are asked to her by Thurman and vice -versa. So its really sad she doesn't have the courage to speak up-see she can't threaten them -so she bails. This is not a good move for her. She should go to the debate- and win- and that is that. But now everyone will think she is just afraid to face real voters.