Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet the Candidates Tonight, Oct 29th at the White Columns Veranda Club.

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Meet the Candidates

Bernard Wolff, District 1

Al Trevillyan, District 3

Tina D'Aversa, District 5 - Incumbent

Tonight, October 29th at

the Vernada Club - time is

7:30 PM.

The Veranda Club Is

Located In


There is a clear choice this election; Preserve the Milton we grew up knowing or moved here for...or let it change forever without the controls we expect our elected officials to uphold.

Come and hear the candidates speak to what they stand for and ask the questions most important to you. Understand how they will preserve and protect Milton.

Tina D'Aversa -

Al Trevillyan -

Bernard Wolff

VOTE November 3

Hosted by: Rob and Laura Bentley, Paul and Kathy Moore, Lisa Cauley, Kurt and Julie Nolte, Dianne Redding, Byran and Stacy Bourff, Jeff and Tracy Artis, Gerry and Kim Swiacki, Curtis Mills, Debroah and Stephen Lajewski, eddie and Sabrina Moore, Mike and Kim Horne, Cary and Carter Schlenk and Alan Tart.

Courtesy Bernard W. Wolff Election Committee 1000 Lackey Road Milton GA 30004
Reposted Per Request.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but due to a previous scheduled event I will not be able to come meet you 3 candidates tonight. I will be at the Mayors house for a meet and greet for Bill Lusk. Also not even being given a 12 hours notice for this meet and greet is very unacceptable. Just like the Beacon not giving you but a 6 day notice. I believe they treated you fairer than you are treating the citizens that you want to vote for you. I cannot in good conscience cancel a RSVP meeting just because you are anxious to tell me what you plan to do if elected.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding. Who wrote the invite? Don't they have spell check. Even names are misspelled.

Anonymous said...

Did any else hear what happened at the Mayor's house tonight? Bill Lusk actually got up and spoke then he used the opportunity to introduce and support George Ragsdale for mayor!

Anonymous said...

Was Bill on time?

Anonymous said...

The most frightening things about this Halloween are those three stooges ofjzb.

Anonymous said...

Has Bill Bailey come home????

Anonymous said...

An observer counted only 21 cars at the VERANDA club including those there for Tennis. There was an overflow crowd of over 100 in attendance at the Mayor's home, including Mr. Ragsdale and Joe Longoria. They ran out of nametags. The Mayor stated very clearly in his speech that "extremists" must not be allowed to take over the Milton Council and while stopping short of an endorsement, recognized Joe Longoria, too.

Anonymous said...

Bill did not even show up. Apparently the "shrill moonbat" made him put up signs while they had there littl party at White Columns.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

See comments under "The Accuracy Of Polls." to see what Karen does in her spare time

Anonymous said...

Does the horse support Tina? Just wondering.