Friday, October 23, 2009

Calling All Candidates / Question 3!

In the spirit of the recent Milton Peoples Forum, we at thought it would be a good idea to continue to offer questions to all six candidates. As the campaign season comes closer to an end, look for a new "Call All Candidates" question every two days until election day. Today's question asked the candidates:

Where would you like to see the Milton Library located and why?

District 1

Karen Thurman - The decision on the location for the Milton library will be made by the Fulton County Commissioners after they receive a recommendation by the Library Board of Trustees. Since the library system is county-wide, they will look at many factors in determining the location that would best serve all Fulton County residents. One of the main factors is proximity to other Fulton county libraries. My hope is that the sites they choose for both the library to be located in Milton and the library to be located in Alpharetta will be situated so that people living in the Crabapple area, Birmingham area and the Highway 9 area will have easy access to one of the two libraries

Bernard Wolff - I recommend that the Milton Library be placed near Highway 9/Windward Parkway

1. This most closely complies with guidelines set forth by the Library Board.
2. It is in a comparatively densely populated area
3. It is close to schools
4. It has excellent access to I-400, Highway 9, and other major roads
5. Traffic is more manageable at this location.
6. Public Transportation will more likely be available at this location versus alternatives.
7. It would be a positive addition to Highway 9 area residents, in contrast to the type of commercial development they have experienced so far.

District 3

Bill Lusk - Mr. Lusk did not respond to this question.

Al Trevillyan - It is important to note that Fulton County will make the final decision on where the library is located although Milton should do what it can to influence that decision.

Two areas are currently being considered, Hwy 9 and Crabapple, although I would like to see greater community involvement to investigate other possible locations. While both current locations are viable choices, I believe the Hwy 9 area would be preferred because of established traffic flow, availability of city services and proximity to maximum number of schools.

District 5

Tina D'Aversa - While originally being open to other areas of our city hosting the new library, Isupport the Highway 9 / Deerfield area for the site of the new Fulton Public library for the following reasons:

I have had the opportunity to see the Windward Parkway at Webb Road proposed siteplan it is very easily accessible and meets all the criteria listed by the libraryselection board.

This site is within a 2.5 mile radius of the following and is accessible to 14 public and private schools, 5 daycare centers and many businesses including Wal-mart, Kroger, Lowes, Home Depot, Costco and more. The beautifully wooded site also has room for a park and lake amenity, and can be expanded in future years. The site is accessible by public transportation and is walking distance of the Highway 9 gateway to Milton. There are many townhomes, apartments, single family residents,farms and retail shopping villages along Highway 9 which will further support thelibrary in the area. Windward Parkway at Webb Road is a great site for the new Fulton County Library in Milton.

Joe Longoria - Mr. Longoria did not respond to this question.


Anonymous said...


1. Bernard, 400 is not an interstate, it's GA 400, not I-400 you hillbilly

2. Tina, hope you realize that the library will probably require sewer and gee, look who voted against giving that land owner sewer even though the lots surrounding him have it.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't Joe Longoria, Bill Lusk, and Karen Thurmond responded to these three questions? I am researching the candidates and can't help but notice they aren't responding to these questions.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Tina person everyone loves to hate?

Anonymous said...

So what I gather they all three seem to think the library should go near Hwy 9. I think Crabapple. Oh well, whatever.

Anonymous said...

It's only important for Lusk, Longoria, and Thurman to use Access Milton for their specific intentions, not to actually answer questions that would put them up for criticism. They are disrespecting Enloe for trying to get more questions answered, basically giving him the finger by not answering.They only want to use AM for free advertising, other then that they don't care about this site. They are users. Too important to participate.

Karen wants to put everything at Crabapple, that's where her developer buddies, JT, Weiland, and Wallace, and her father's company will prosper. There I answered for her.

If I am wrong then why haven't they answered the previous questions and now this one as well?

Hey Hillbilly first poster,
GA 400 is an interstate,
Websters Dictionary
Function: noun
Date: 1968
1968 any of a system of expressways connecting most major United States cities called also interstate highway

Hwy 9 already has sewer so there would be no sewer extension or new sewer.

Only Karen Thurman, Bill Lusk, and Longoria hate Tina, and you are hateful by your comment.

Travis Allen said...

Hey genius, GA 400 is not an interstate.

If it were, it would be denoted as I-400.

Instead, it is a state route, properly named as "Georgia State Route 400"

You may also notice that "Interstate" highways in Georgia list the exit numbers by mileage, while 400 does not.

I believe that's the point the earlier poster was attempting to make, however rudely he was attempting to do so.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't hate Tina nor did I mean for my comment to be hateful. (I am poster 4:03 PM). I am new to Milton and will be voting. I am researching the candidates and at first I thought the hateful things said about Julie and Tina must mean that the Milton people are against women in politics, but then there is a Karen who isn't getting the venom the other two women are getting.

The other thing that bothers me and will probably affect my voting decision, is people waiting so long to file an ethics charge if the Tina person's actions were that severe nearly two months ago.
I am inclined to think it must have been a political move or otherwise, it would have been filed immediately after it occurred.

Had the complaint been filed earlier, then the investigative outcome would have made my decision, but by waiting this long, I'm inclined to wonder if she is being victimized and needs my vote.

I am just trying to get information to make an informed decision, not be hateful.

Anonymous said...

poster one

in addition to being right about ga400

they were also right about the sewer issue for the webb/cogburn/windward location

tina, jzb and alan voted against mr potts attempt to get sewer on his property

it is in a commericial area, has easy access to sewer and again all neighbors have it.

by these fools call that "sewer extension"

really it simply shows the fools we have in office wasting our tax dollars trying to stop common sense

the koolaid drinking followers agree this is "sewer extension"

you are all an embarrasment to this city and do more harm than good

I assume you don't mean to do harm as you likely think it is the right thing to do because JZB told you so

now tina is pushing this site for the library and certainly would have no problem if they wanted sewer for her library would she?

but it is also rumored she would trade the library to crabapple as long as hwy 9 area got the city hall we so desperately (do not) need

(can't really beleive council thinks we need a city hall given all the other issues we can't afford but thats another story)

poster three

people don't hate tina

we are all now just learning that she tells one group one thing and another something else on the same topic

she was not elected before

she was unopposed and then desperately fought for the appointed mayor pro tem title - lost that fight the first two years and recently got it

she now calls herself mayor pro tem and not councilperson

that seems odd to me

she is apparently obsessed with titles and power

but now that she has to run in a real election she is totally losing control and people are all talking about her and discussing who they should vote for

because of these discussion we are all learning how much she rides the fence and quite simply lies to most of us

and on top of all this we find out she wants so desparately to win that she is using her office and power as a politician to try to stay there

kinda sad really

she has been caught now by several newspapers doing very inappropriate things and actually putting them in writing

these are former friends of hers and very influential people in the city that would have much to lose personally if these were proven as lies

kinda very sad really

welcome to milton politics

Anonymous said...

Don't we need a solvent developer or a bank that will loan money to have sewer extension?

Since we don't have either. What is your POINT?