Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Calling All Candidates / Question 2!

In the spirit of the recent Milton Peoples Forum, we at thought it would be a good idea to continue to offer questions to all six candidates. As the campaign season comes closer to an end, look for a new "Call All Candidates" question every two days until election day. Today's question asked the candidates:

2. Should the City Of Milton create a law which makes it illegal to shoot a firearm or firework within a certain distance of an equestrian related parcel's property line? Yes or no and please explain.

District 1

Karen Thurman - Mrs. Thurman did not provide an answer to this question.

Bernard Wolff - I would not support such a law.

1. Many AG-1 properties have horses. You would be unable to use a firearm on yourown property. What if a coyote enters a pasture and threatens the livestock?

2. A starting pistol used for racing is a "firearm".

3. What if your neighbor has equestrian activities, and you are subject to a home invasion? Technically, you would be unable to defend yourself.

4. A narrowly defined law may be acceptable, but only if it applies to "on going equestrian activities", within a reasonably close proximity, and applies if the person participating in the equestrian activity neighboring gun owners to suspend the use of firearms or fireworks for the duration of the equestrian activity.

District 3

Bill Lusk - Mr. Lusk did not provide an answer to this question.

Al Trevillyan - The important issue here is the inherant danger to an equestrian when someone causes a loud noise to occur. I know of the dangers from personal experience, because my daughter was thrown from her horse during an event when the horse was "spooked" by a loud noise.

The specific actions of discharging a firearm or using fireworks are currently not covered by City of Milton law. Except for some fireworks demed "safe", use of explosive fireworks are not permitted by State law. Their use is prohibited, although enforcement is difficult. Use of firearms is currently controlled by Georgia State law, which is designed to protect individuals and control hunting within city limits, not control noise.

To enhance equestrian safety, I would consider investigating a law to control noise near an equestrian event, public or private, recognizing that defining meaningful and enforceable wording would be difficult.

District 5

Tina D'Aversa - I would not support stricter firearm laws unless the firearms were being used illegally. I respect the right to bear arms and protect yourself. I do not respect the right to just carry a gun. If kids and adults are purposely trying to hurt horses, then they must be prosecuted. I do not support discharge of firearms or fireworks within 200 feet of an equestrian related parcel's property line. I think 200 feet sounds a reasonable space to stay back from the horses.

In an area (Milton) which supports livestock and has open areas for horse riding,there should never be non emergency discharge of firearms around horses or other livestock.There has to be mutual respect from homeowners and neighbors.

Neighbors need to beaware that they live in an agricultural and rural area and that certain rules apply that may not in more urban and developed areas.This is what makes Milton special and unique. Lets agree to work together, livetogether and honor the rules!

Joe Longoria - Mr. Longoria did not provide an answer to this question.


Anonymous said...

Horses, seriously? Yeah, make that a law. Let's spend our tax dollars rambling on about that at city council meetings.
What about firearms near babies?

Anonymous said...

Responsible parenting.

Anonymous said...

If the Lone Ranger and Tonto lived here, what would they think about this?