Monday, October 26, 2009

Promoting the Truth.

Dear Milton Neighbors, Friends and Supporters:

The opposition to my race for Milton city council seat is working hard to twist the truth about me. I hope that their attempts are hardly working on you and that you will contact me if you have any questions about something that you have heard or read. I am happy to dispel myths; however, I would prefer to keep my campaign positive and on track with the issues.

Here's a quick summary of the facts about me that you are welcome to share. 1. Accusations about whether or not I hold business licenses. Whoever researched and provided this information must have been eager to sling mud, otherwise he/she should have noticed that the first business listed first is not owned by me (my middle initial is "W") and the second is a family trust that I manage.

Carbon Credit Producers, Inc.: This is a company started by my Son, Bernard J Wolff, and a former classmate at Georgia Tech. This was registered while my Son had 2 residences - an apartment in Atlanta and another apartment in Athens. He stays in Atlanta during those days of the week when he is working at the CDC, and in the Athens location on those days when he is working on his PhD in Molecular Biology at UGA's Vet School. For this reason, he used my address when starting this company. Bernard and his new wife have just purchased a house outside of Milton, so he'll be changing the address of reference accordingly.

Wolff Investments LP ("WILP"): A Limited Partnership within a Trust. I am the Managing General Partner of WILP, and the Trustee of the Trust that owns majority Ltd Partnership shares. When I moved here in 2003, my Mother was alive and a Co-General Partner. At her request, we changed the official address from hers (in Atlanta) to my address - which was in unincorporated Fulton Co. Wolff Investments LP holds family real estate. My activities are management/maintenance of different parcels of undeveloped land that produces no taxable income. I've contacted our Accountant & Attorney to resolve this matter if it does, in fact, exist.

2. Regarding Mayor Joe Lockwood's published statement about the sale of a parcel of our farm to Chatham: When I moved back to my family's farm in Northwest Fulton (now Milton) in 2003, our 192 acre property was landlocked with no paved road access, and with no utilities other than electricity. Moreover, much of the property was not easily accessible, resulting in my discovering marijuana gardens being grown on our property by whom? (criminals, folks who were later arrested), and having to contend with regular dumping of trash. As you can image, the marijuana was a particular problem, because it required that I be armed in the woods and it exposed our property to being seized by the government under the Rico Act. The dumping was a nuisance and an eyesore to the surrounding upscale neighborhoods. Accordingly, I offered for sale a parcel (ultimately 79 acres) from the western side of our property. This parcel was the most remote from our house, and adjacent to upscale housing in Litchfield 100.

We presented our offer to several interested buyers, most developers, with a clear definition of the guidelines we would use in selecting the purchaser including the requirement that any homes built need to be on acreage. If developed, we wanted a project that would enhance the value of our remaining property. i.e., upscale houses on large lots, and amenities that would complement the surrounding neighborhoods as well as our remaining property and that would be consistent with land use in the area -- AG1 zoning or one home per acre. We chose Chatham even though theirs was not the highest bid, because they promised to comply with our guidelines. And they did. See pictures.(AM note - please see above.)

Rather than a negative, this illustrates how development SHOULD BE done, and shall be done if I'm elected: Following strict established guidelines that place the surrounding community first, enhancing the surrounding neighborhoods and their future value. Our remaining property would be less attractive had we accepted the significantly higher bid, and wound up with dense housing that was incongruent with the surrounding neighborhood with an adverse impact on the future value and use of our remaining property.

Isn't this the format we all want for development in Milton??

3. My brother's actions: This is a sad family situation that needs to be kept private. All statements made by my brother except for the two companies' business licenses are false, and will be categorically refuted if necessary by my other 3 siblings, the Trust's attorney and CPA.

I love this area and have been a part of this community since the 1940's. I am committed to protecting and preserving this special place while also looking for imaginative ways to help it grow appropriately while retaining its beauty and uniqueness. I will serve citizens with honesty, integrity everyday while upholding the vision you want for our community.

Thanks,Bernard Wolff

Candidate for Milton City Council

District 1, At-large

1000 Lackey Road Milton, GA 30004



Demand the Milton We Were Promised. Please elect me, Bernard Wolff, on November 3rd.

Courtesy Paid for by the Bernard W. Wolff Election Committee


Anonymous said...

So he took less money for his land so that it could be developed in a manner that was for the greater good for the entire community? Bernard Wolff has the honesty and integrity to make the same decisions for Milton

Is anyone concerned that the Mayor finds it necessary to sling mud at a citizen who has stepped forward to serve our community?

A vote for Wolff is a vote for much needed change and honest open government. Speaking of honesty, Karen Thurman and Bill Lusk have been promoting a $7M government center developed by JT Adams who is in foreclosure?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bernard must have been smoking some of that marijuana when JZB came calling. Bet he wishes he had never gotten involved with her now. Seems like he has just faded from the race? No wonder Julie is acting irrational, well maybe not???

Anonymous said...

By the way Julie and the rest of the council were provided the same information on th $7 million dollar city hall at the same exact time, only it was not specific to Crabapple but anywhere the city might want to pursue. So dont just tag Karen with it. Even sweet tart heard it.

Anonymous said...

Its ironic that Mr. Wolff wouldn't even be a resident of the City if it weren't for Karen Thurman's efforts among others in the annexation effort that happened at the time the city was incorporated. Top that with the fact that he hasn't been paying rent to the family trust that owns the home since he moved in - and he probably signed the city annexation paperwork without the proper authorization! Trustworthy indeed!

Anonymous said...

He is pissed off because he didn't get the "Milton he was promoised"! I would recommend anyone drive by 1000 Lackey Rd and you will see all the "high density" development that "sewer extention" brought to him. No wonder he is mad because he cant farm anymore.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Re 12.29 poster

"Top that with the fact that he hasn't been paying rent to the family trust that owns the home since he moved in"

Is it possible that the Family Trust agreed that he would not pay rent. Do you know all the facts? If so provide them. Or perhaps you are the vindictive brother airing private family matters.

"and he probably signed the city annexation paperwork without the proper authorization!"


So once again you don't know the real honest facts. But you attack someone's integrity and throw accusations based on assumption and conjecture. And then you have the audacity to state "Trustworthy indeed!"

Your posting does nothing but speak volumes about the quality of person you in fact are.

Anonymous said...

So, Wolff Investments manages the trust investments, and Carbon Credit Producers is his son's company... what about Highland Technologies mentioned in his earlier postings? What does that company do? It has no website? What does this guy really do for a living? Does he live off of his family money or is he an "international businessman"? And if that is what he is, who did he work for?

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I had that same problem... had to sell a mass of acreage to a developer at the height of the development craze because I was afraid of talking squirrels...

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time following Mr. Wolf's interlocking, overlapping, itrafamilial businesses, but I do understand that he works with developers while trashing them at the same time.

Anonymous said...

1:14 poster - just ask Barnyard's brother if you want the truth.

Anonymous said...

"All statements made by my brother except for the two companies' business licenses are false, and will be categorically refuted if necessary by my other 3 siblings, the Trust's attorney and CPA".

If I want to take it that far I think I'll pass on your so called 'Barnyard's brother' and just go straight to the Trust's attorney and CPA.