Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Calling All Candidates / Final '09 Question

In the spirit of the recent Milton Peoples Forum, we at thought it would be a good idea to continue to offer questions to all six candidates. As the campaign season comes closer to an end, the following will be the final "Calling All Candidates" Question for Election '09.

We would like to thank all who chose to participate.

The Final Question is:

According to, the first definition of the word "neighborhood" is:
" the area or region around or near some place or thing; vicinity." Taking that into consideration, do you consider the open roads of Milton to be neighborhoods or is such a term only applicable to Milton's subdivisions? If yes, please explain how you would groom these areas to give them a more residential feel. If no, please explain how you differentiate the two.

District 1

Karen Thurman -

"Prior to incorporation, the area that is now Milton was historically several crossroad communities. At the time they were first built, there were no subdivisions. Only large tracts of land with the gathering spots typically located at the crossroads. These were communities then and are communities/neighborhoods now.

Part of what makes Milton unique is our open roads, equestrian areas and green space. I believe each area should be promoted as a distint part of our city. I would love to see the entrances to these areas marked on the major roads; not with an ornate entrance but with something much simplier and more rural in character that announces that you are entering a particular area."

Bernard Wolff - Mr. Wolff did not provide an answer to this question.

District 3

Bill Lusk - Mr. Lusk did not provide an answer to this question.

Al Trevillyan -

"Yes, without any reservation I believe our open roads can be considered "neighborhoods". People will share common interests and support each other regardless if they are in a subdivision or live near each other on an open road. But each area will be unique and have it's own defining characteristics. Each group should determine what represents them best and develop their own standards to define their area."

District 5

Tina D'Aversa -

"By definition Milton is a connected community of neighborhoods. In fact, we haveseveral neighborhood nodes designated throughout the city including Crabapple and aportion of the Arnold Mill Road area to name a few. Through the comprehensiveplanning process, the city has come to recognize the open road residential areas asneighborhoods. The Highway 9 Design Committee is in discussions of how the gatewaysto and from Milton are designated including four board fences and horse designswhich represent the great equestrian community of Milton. I believe all theneighborhoods throughout Milton should be connected and designated in a similar way.

A subdivision is a residential area that shares a common designated area. I believe that neighborhood and community are much larger encompassing descriptions of Milton. But all are considered residential. The residential areas of Milton comprise 83% of our community. I consider the open roads and all residential areas to be neighborhoods and and a vital and integral part of the community of Milton. I would not serve one subdivision over another and I would not serve one neighborhood over another as your Milton City Council woman. As I have done for three years, I will continue to serve all of Milton. We have a diverse multicultural community and each deserves attention from our city leaders.

Residential areas, complemented by businesses and services living in tandem on Highway 9 are a neighborhood and a part of the greater Milton Community. The open roads including residences are neighborhoods and all make up the multicultural and diverse Milton Community.

I would like to see the community come together more often to share the cultures andenjoy all that Milton has to offer. From horses to historical structuresto beautiful trees and pastures, golf and trails, Milton has so much to offer andmuch more on the horizon."

Joe Longoria - Mr. Longoria did not provide an answer to this question.


Anonymous said...

Tina, cant you learn, keep it short and to the point!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I long for the old days of early fifties...Birmingham, Hopewell, Crabapple, Warsaw, Newtown, Ocee, Alpharetta and Milton High in town.

Anonymous said...

If would be helpful and even refreshing if these candidates knew a little of the rich history of this area. They certainly can't speak to its heritage.

Anonymous said...

Joe, where is your answer? Oh I forgot, you must be out somewhere trashing Tina.

Anonymous said...

Joe, where is your answer? Oh I forgot, you must be out somewhere trashing Tina.

Anonymous said...

Joe has not trashed Tina, she has done that to herself.

Anonymous said...

Joe's holding his own on the trash talk.