Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Milton needs JOE - find out why!

Our city is in turmoil... Milton needs JOE -
Find out why!

Milton City Council District 5 Candidate


will be at a

Montana's Bar & Grill
Fri. Oct. 30
Happy Hour Complimentary Appetizers

The election is Tues. Nov. 3rd

Don't miss this opportunity To get
REAL answers to your questions.

Courtesy Friends of Joe Longoria 14341 Club Circle Milton GA 30004


Anonymous said...

Milton doesn't need a weak man snivelling behind Thurman and Lusk because he isn't strong enough to stand up to Tina, a real leader and woman.

Anonymous said...

Good photo Clinton Joe. Beware of young girls and interns.

Anonymous said...

With comments like 8:11, Tina doesn't need any enemies. Her supporters do the damage. What great thinkers they are. Really on top of the issues; keep it up.

Anonymous said...

What do you have to say about the comments made by Joe, Karen and Bill's supporters. For example insinuations about Tina skinny dipping with Joe Lockwood and then skinny dipping with Alan Tart - including a reference to Alan's daughter watching it. All of which were removed by Tim from the site.

Are they great thinkers and on top of the issues?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has heard Joe speak knows there isn't anything snivelling about him. Tina is only a leader at violating all ethics and trying to bribe her opponent. Quit drinking Julie's Kool Aid and look at what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

O'brien knows all about bribes. Just ask Burt Hewitt.

Anonymous said...

Wow... it's almost as if no one has the energy to be creative anymore.

Anonymous said...

Did "Umm-uh" try to bribe Burt? I'll bet that went over well!

Anonymous said...
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