Wednesday, October 21, 2009

River's Alive soldiers on

Courtesy Jason Wright; Appen Newspapers

October 19, 2009 Milton — Despite recent flooding, Milton's River's Alive event Oct. 10 went on, with volunteers pledging to work in the coming weeks to ensure clean local water.

Volunteers from Milton Grows Green, local Scout troops and more took to the streets, marking storm drains and cleaning up portions of Cooper Sandy Creek behind Saint Francis High School.

Usually the event begins at Little River, but the waters were too high for volunteers to safely navigate it.

"There is an ever-increasing need to educate the public at large about water quality," said Councilwoman Julie Zahner Bailey, who holds the event each year starting at her family's business, Bailey Farms and Gardens, on Hickory Flat Road.

That need was only highlighted by recent floods, she said, which have dirtied the city's water sources.

"It is an important issue for everybody," said Zahner Bailey. "It's a great day when students, Scouts, citizens and caring individuals come together to do something positive our special community that enhances the water quality not only for Milton, but also for everyone downstream."


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