Friday, October 16, 2009

Milton City Council Election

Dear Neighbor,

I am a candidate for the Milton City Council in District 5. This second email to you addresses our city council's need for strong leadership and team building skills as it faces future growth, and explains how my business and civic background has a direct impact on my ability to serve the city of Milton.

Successful Business Leadership

As a businessman, I understand the reality of economic growth. Milton will not be the same size ten years from now as it is today. Growth is inevitable, but so is maintaining our wonderful rural lifestyle. To balance requirements in both areas, I believe my business expertise and financial background will help our city navigate the critical challenges that face us now and in the next several years.

Throughout my career, I have played key roles in the success of several software companies. I have broad experience working in every critical aspect of business. My expertise in mergers and acquisitions and my success in team building have equipped me with a deep understanding of the leadership and partnership skills necessary for solving complex problems and gaining consensus.

These skills will make a solid contribution to the work of the city council in the years ahead. You will recall that soon after the City of Milton was established, the city council engaged CH2MHill to handle virtually all city services except police and fire. This one-stop-shop approach served the city well. With the expectation of significant savings, the city council terminated the contract. Now the city council will be responsible for managing personnel and outside vendors across a range of activities. We will add a new level of complexity to our city government that will require the kind of special talent and experience that I possess.

Diversity of Thought & Unity of Purpose

Since our city was founded three years ago, a common concern expressed by many citizens and the media of Milton has been that members of Milton City Council have not always worked well together to make and execute decisions in our city's best interests.

I believe in the value of diverse perspectives when setting goals. I also recognize that differing perspectives need to be channeled into a common purpose. In both my business and civic leadership roles, I have learned to solve complex problems while motivating people of differing views and capabilities to work together to contribute to overall goals. I believe my proven ability to align groups behind a common purpose will be helpful to our city council and will benefit the citizens of Milton.

Ethical Principles

Integrity is a term we often hear around election time. To me, it is far more than just a sound bite. It is the essence of a person's character and is reflected in a person's words and actions.

It is also the guiding principle behind how I was raised, how Brenda and I raise our children, and how I choose to interact in both my personal and professional dealings. Because I value and demonstrate honesty and fair play, my friends and business associates know they can count on me to always take the high road regardless of the circumstances. The citizens of Milton can count on me, if elected, to be a city council member who demonstrates integrity.

Dedicated Community Service Leadership

I have a genuine commitment to my community with a track record of working for positive change with small to very large community organizations over many years. I have served in numerous capacities with the YMCA, local school boards, development committees, and the Boy Scouts of America. As a District Chairman for the Boy Scouts, I was part of the Atlanta Area Council's board - a board that served more than 80,000 youth and leaders - and was privileged to receive the coveted Silver Beaver Award for distinguished service to the Boy Scouts.
My depth of experience combined with my desire to support my community as it deals with the challenges that we will face in the coming years, makes me want to participate in that process, and serving on the Milton City Council is the best way that a citizen can do that.

If you would like to learn more about me or my positions, please feel free to contact me directly at: or 770-634-0080.

I respectfully ask for your support and urge you to vote on
Tuesday, November 3rd.

Joe Longoria
14341 Club Circle
Milton, GA 30004
Candidate for Milton City Council 2009
District 5
Remember to vote on November 3rd!
Paid for by the Friends of Joe Longoria 14341 Club Circle Milton GA 30004


Anonymous said...

Why were you so cocky at the Forum and why did you get so upset when you got the gating question? I could see the woman pulling out the questions and she did not seem to be reading them, just blindly pulling them out. Your attitude really put me off and pushed me over to the D'Aversa side. Better luck with the attitude next time.

Anonymous said...

Attitude is preferable to the
D'Aversa arrogance !

Sarah,Milton H.S. student

Anonymous said...

Dysfunctionals sometimes confuse confidence with cockiness. Showing some levity and personality sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Which do you prefer, attitude or lies?

Anonymous said...

No problem being confident and even cocky. The problem is that Longoria has no reason to be either. He stumbled on his answers and talked in circles, yet acted like he was bothered to be asked such a simple questions. Rule #1 with debating, dumb a**, don't tell the moderator he asked the wrong question. That's not just arrogant, but stupid. People on this blog claim that Tina isn't bright, well this guy takes the cake. Connect the kegger, Longoria's in the house and his drunk, fat, obnoxious friend Mike Stevens too.

Anonymous said...

I was at the forum and thought Longoria was the only interesting one to listen to. I like his enthusiasm. You want to call him cocky - fine! We need some good leaders and good leaders have some gumption.

Anonymous said...

Wait! Longoria was Cocky and Stumbled on his answers? Aren't those concepts mutually exclusive? Pick your angle - you can't have it both ways...

And find anyone who knows Joe Longoria personally. If you can find one person who thinks he is not intelligent, bring them forward. I can find hundreds who think Tina is dumb as a stick...

Anonymous said...

7:44 poster. No, you're not getting it. He was cocky, and he stumbled, talked circles, BS'ed, etc. his answers. That's the sad thing. BE COCKY but at least know what the h*** you are talking about before you open your mouth. Otherwise, you appear like an overconfident BAFFOON.

Anonymous said...

I cannot begin to express my disappointment in the comments expressed in this blog! Are we children or adults? When does name calling produce results that will benefit the growth of our city!! Please focus on the issues and stop the ridiculous "bashing" that is occurring on this blog! If you think you are so superior then throw your hat in the ring and try and make a difference in our community in a postive way.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why Longoria thought it would be a good idea to associate his campaign with Lusk and Thurman? They won't support any idea that could possibly benefit all of Milton, only the ideas that benefit developers or there own personal interests. They pretend they care to get Longoria supporters, but look at their voting records, and campaign contributors, its all very black and white. It is unfortunate that Longoria chose to align himself with the pro-development side. People that know Longoria need to educate him on Thurman and Lusk's history. It destroyed O'brien and Mohrig when they sided with that pair. He should have ran a singular campaign or endorsed Trevillyan and Wolff if he wanted citizens to believe he will be protecting the Milton we love.

Anonymous said...

I attended the forum and thought all the candidates handled the questions fairly easily - of course the questions were fairly easy.

So to call Joe Longoria "buffoon" is interesting. That sounds like Tina "hoping, wishing, praying" that her opponent is a buffoon to try to draw attention away from all of her own bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

You know that developers were on the list of people who were on the invitation sent our for Tina re-election party at Joe Lockwoods house???? Do you know that she has been on her subdivions HOA board from 2006-08 and Alan Tart is currently serving as HOA President of his subdivision. Everybody thinks Joe Longoria is going to have some special power if elected. Maybe we should research the past couple of years and see what got done in Champions View and Avensong. Tina has complained to numerous people that she wonders why I have turned the voting tables on her to support Joe but has she gotten in contact with me yet to discuss this? No she is just talking to everyone about it. She knows who I am. It was discussed at Joe Lockwoods party and has been discussed several times since I have heard. What is 2 votes??? Is she that scared of losing??? Get a life!!!!!