Wednesday, October 28, 2009

News from Bernard Wolff

Dear Milton Neighbors, Friends and Supporters:

In this final week of the 2009 campaign season, I have previously scheduled events up to November 3rd. Thus, due to these scheduling conflicts and short notice, I have respectfully declined to participate in tonight's Milton Municipal Debate.

I cannot in good conscience cancel a firmly scheduled meeting with a segment of voters who are anxious to hear what I plan to do when I am elected.


Bernard Wolff
Candidate for Milton City Council
District 1,
At-large1000 Lackey Road
Milton, GA 30004

Demand the Milton We Were Promised.
Please elect me, Bernard Wolff, on November 3rd.

Courtesy Paid for by the Bernard W. Wolff Election Committee.


Anonymous said...

Bernard, we need an ethical and honest man like you in Thurman's seat. We know you will win next week.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Bernard!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us what commitments you had with the voters last night? Not that I don't believe you, its just that I don't.

Would like to check on your statement for accuracy.

Anonymous said...'s okay for them to give you short notice, but I just got an e-mail invitation to an event for you...tonight.

Gee, thanks for the heads up.


And where is the Vernada Club? Directions would have been nice since I don't have enough time to send an e-mail asking and to received a reply.

Anonymous said...

So Bernard, you are not going to tell us where you were last night?

Anonymous said...

Thats o.k. that I got the email at 10:17 AM Thursday morning. I had a very enjoyable time at the Mayors house at a meet and greet for Lusk along with about 150-175 other citizens. No ugly talk, just what everyone wants for our City of Milton. Thanks Joe and Dawn for hosting such a nice party.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if "brother" gave you permission Bernard to ride on the tractor?

Anonymous said...

Was Bill on time?

Anonymous said...

Bill didn't show again, something about a moonbat having him put up signs without permission for all three when only permission was granted for one, and them him getting the call to go back and remove them?