Monday, October 19, 2009

Wonderful Photo From The Forum

Double click to enlarge photo.

Milton Photographer Christopher Bloor was kind enough to share one of his pictures of the forum with us. While our news section limits the wonderful impact of this photo, please jump over and take a look at a larger version on Chris' website (Be sure to scroll down to the bottom)
Many Thanks to Christopher Bloor Photography!


Anonymous said...

Nice shot, Chris.
If you haven't, go back and click on the photo....the faces and expressions are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Since there is no where else to comment on this topic I am asking here, how come there is nothing about the Milton Roundup on your website. It was the worst of all of them three years running. Who ever decided to put it at Milton HS needs their head examined. Besides the cold weather, there was nothing to do unless you like to jump up and down on inflatibles. Put the thing back at the Church and put some one else in charge, or cancel the entire thing. The elementary schools had a better carnival and turn out then the Milton roundup, quite frankly it sucked.

Anonymous said...

The church was way too congested. I am glad they found a location better suited for ease of access.

The date it was held may not have been such a good idea though.
The weather, economy and new October date proved to impact it with a low turnout. October is a month most people drive to the mountains.
My family would attend if it were in September again.
October is always a busy month for us.

Ginger Enloe said...

To blogger #2. We provided a video as well as an article on the Milton Roundup. Please scroll down to view.

Thank you.

Ginger Enloe

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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