Saturday, October 17, 2009

Letter To The Editor

Election day (November 3rd) is 2 weeks and 3 days away – Do you know the issues? Are you ready to cast your vote? This is a very important election for Milton and we need to make sure that the Milton residents get out there and VOTE. Please encourage everyone you know to learn the issues and most importantly to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.

There are 3 Milton City Council seats that we will ALL be voting on (Mayor Lockwood is running uncontested J). I am supporting 3 candidates very strongly in this election and urge you to do the same. We have a huge issue here in Milton with the fact that developers want to get in and decide how our city will look. We need to stop this. Development is good and we need the tax base, but it is the Milton residents who should be deciding how the city will look in the future and what we need, not developers telling us what we need. I feel very strongly about this election because we have 2 incumbents who I strongly believe do NOT represent out best interests. Karen Thurman and Bill Lusk have consistently voted in favor of developers over what the residents want and need. It upsets me to no end to see their campaign funding coming from developers and all of their signs around town on developer’s property and land that is for future development. With this much support and help from developers, how can we possibly trust them to be putting our best interests above the developers – especially when they both are so closely aligned personally with the development community. Just look at their voting record and it is easy to see where their loyalty lies. I believe that our commercial areas need business for the tax base, but developing more and more shopping centers doesn’t help our tax base, it only helps the developers line their pockets. Milton doesn’t get the tax revenue unless there are actually businesses doing business in these buildings!!!! Stop the developing and concentrate on getting businesses into all the empty office and retail space we have.

There are 3 people running who I hope you will each take the time to learn more about then get out there and vote for them on November 3rd.

Tina D’Aversa (incumbent) – Tina D’Aversa has been one of our City Council people since the City of Milton incorporated and she has worked tirelessly to represent ALL of Milton. For me, Tina is especially vital to this city council because she lives here along highway 9, she teaches at Hopewell Middle Schools and she knows the issues inside and out. Tina stands for what is right and I think this election shows it in the fact that she is endorsing the 2 people running against Karen Thurman and Bill Lusk. Tina isn’t afraid to stand up for what she thinks the people of Milton need and deserve
Please learn more about Tina D’Aversa -

Al Trevillyan (Write in Candidate!!) – Al Trevillyan is running against Bill Lusk and the fact that he is a “write in” is going to make this tough. To vote for Al you will need to check off the “write in” box and then type his name in. Please be sure to write his name down on a piece of paper and bring it to the polls with you so there is no chance of your vote not counting due to a misspelling of his name. We need to get Al Trevillyan into office. Al has been very vocal about the City needing to do more to fill those empty retail and office spaces. He has been very vocal about no more high density housing and the fact that we need to manage the traffic better. Al believes, as do I, that Mr. Bill Lusk has voted over and over again for higher density, sewer extension and other variances that benefit developers, not those of us who live here. I also want to mention the reason why Al Trevillyan is a write in candidate (this was something I personally wondered about). It is my understanding that someone else said they were going to be running against Mr. Lusk and Al Trevillyan did not think it was beneficial to anyone to have 3 people running for the one position and possibly causing a run-off, so Al Trevillyan did not file the paperwork to be put on the ballet. After the deadline passed, it turned out that this other person did not file to run and with that knowledge Al Trevillyan decided that someone had to run against Mr. Lusk and he would do it as a “write in candidate”. Please learn more about Al Trevillyan -

Bernard Wolff – Bernard Wolff is someone that I hope each and every one of you takes the time to get to know. This is someone I definitely want representing me on City Council. Bernard Wolff has seen Milton change over the years and I believe that this is someone that can take his education and professional background (MBA from Wharton & 25 years of international experience developing export businesses for American products) and apply them to help Milton become successful in attracting businesses that compliment us as well as help us maintain our character, uniqueness and a place we are all proud to call home. What has impressed me the most about Bernard Wolff is his desire to speak personally with as many individual residents in Milton as possible. He is hungry to learn what it is that the people want and then to do his best in representing us all on the Milton City Council. No hidden agenda or future political aspirations!!
Please learn more about Bernard Wolff -

Again, I strongly urge all of you to learn more about these candidates and then to get out on November 3rd and vote for them.

Please E-mail me and let me know if you would permit me to put a sign for any or all of these candidates in your yard or place of employment. Just E-mail me your address and I will take care of the rest.

Thanks for your interest and VOTE!!!!!

Tara Chambers


Anonymous said...

Why is it that everyone is either for or against all three candidates? When did it become all for one and one for all?

Where did Bernard get all this international experience? Who did he work for? What products did he sell? What do his current companies do? Why is it that there is no phone number, address, or website for his current company, Highland Technologies?

If running was so important to Al, why didn't he register like everyone else? Which is more important to him, the protection of our city, or some personal vendetta against Bill Lusk?

And Tina... Why can't she pick a side?

Anonymous said...

Tina has picked a side, just as Karen and Bill have. Karen and Bill came out supporting Longoria instantly after his announcement, and they didn't even know him, and it didn't matter. Karen wants Crooked Creek votes thus her comment on how she is for changing the Georgia STATE LAW for CC to get their gate, STATE LAW people! Sounds like campaign promises that she cannot keep just to get votes from them. Clever Karen!

It's simple to see, the Left (Liberal approach for development in Milton)is Bill, Karen, and Joe Longoria, the Right (Conservative approach for developoment)is Tina, Al, and Bernard.

Anonymous said...

Since when do "conservatives" promote deficit spending...if Milton doesn't control their revenues better they will lose their charter...

Life in ZahnerBaileyBurg is not gonna be pleasant!

Anonymous said...

Ms Chambers speaks of developers as though they were dirty crooks and that Lusk and Thurman are too for helping them do business in Milton. Without developers, there would be no neighborhoods and no grocery stores. There'd be no place for professional businesses or services. Without development, there would be no schools, no civic services at all.

I guess Ms Chambers lives in a house she built with her own two hands. Grows her own food. Home schools her kids and if she has a heart attack, then it's off to the Big City.

Let's get realistic...Lusk and Thurman are not subservient to developers, they are simply in-touch with reality!

Anonymous said...

Finally!!! A voice of reason and plain ol' good common sense. Thanks for saying it, last poster.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you did not see the list of who was endorsing Tina on Joe Lockwoods Invitation. I know of one developer who is on that list. I think this is getting way out of hand once again. I emailed Al about a week ago with some of my concerns and guess what??? No response yet. He does not get my vote!

Anonymous said...

To the brilliant poster at 1:53! Amen! The candidates are trying to use scare tactics regarding development. What is scarier is no deveolpment at all.

Furthermore, we will be a ghost town if we do not make it easier for business to fill our empty office space.

I know the Milton voters can see through the smoke and mirrors!

Anonymous said...

In 3 years I've never ever had a response from Bill Lusk to one email sent to the Council.

The same can be said for Burt Hewitt.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Georgia "STATE LAW" is infallible is a nut case. It must be Tina because she "Loves the Law more than anything else..."

Anonymous said...

A few comments. Tina is the council member who has come out very strongly for the gate at Crooked Creek.

Bill and Karen are both reasonable people and public servants and most of the people in Milton know that. This is especially true to those citizens who have attended City Council meetings and work sessions and have seen how dysfunctional Julie is and how indecisive Tina is.

Regarding business, how naive is it to say we want business, but we don't want buildings to house their businesses. The future commercial decisions for Hwy. 9 requires reasonable thinking by a talented group of council members of which, Karen, Bill, Burt and Joe all have the talent to work through the issues. Tina just doesn't have the talent. Julie is in outer space somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Tara, you may be the only JZB supporter still left willing to send out mass emails. Why?

Anonymous said...

I want to know one thing. Why is it o.k. for Tina to push for the gating of Crooked Creek and not Joe Longoria who lives there? Double standards!!!!! Everyone has made a big deal about Joe being on the CCHOA board. How about Alan Tart being the HOA President in Avensong. Tina was on the Champions View HOA board 2006-2008 as secretary and directory chairman. Double standards again!!!!!! What has Alan and Tina gotten through the City of Milton. Nothing maybe? Then Joe Longoria may not get anything either. It takes a majority of the votes you know!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tara Chambers....

In case of need for knee-jerk JZB support, break glass.

Spell check.

Manually spell check, then proofread convoluted chatter again.

Mass email.

How much money or revenue is Tara getting this time for her compensated endorsement?

Anonymous said...

If this statement is true -"Karen and Bill came out supporting Longoria instantly after his announcement, and they didn't even know him, and it didn't matter..."

What does that say about Tina and how she is respected on the council?

Anonymous said...

They do not like Tina because she is so much in line with Julie and Alan.

Anonymous said...

They do not respect Tina because she is so indecisive and lacking of leadership skills.

Anonymous said...

Tara and Zahner sittin in a tree. K I S S I N G

Anonymous said...

Lets get Tina Zahner-Tart to run against Obama in 2012.

Anonymous said...

If true, maybe people don't respect Tina because she isn't ..................................respectable!!

Maybe Bill & Karen know somethings that should be a guide in Nov.

Anonymous said...
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