Friday, October 23, 2009

Vote for Tina D'Aversa and Vote for Preserving Milton

Dear Milton Neighbor,

Thank you for supporting me for re-election to the Milton City Council. Your support is tremendous and I am forever humbled by the support everyone has shown me. It is my continued honor to serve all of Milton.

It is important that everyone in Milton vote November 3, 2009. In order to preserve our community for the next 20 years, we must continue to elect leaders who have the interest of our community at heart; leaders will remain strong when political pressure is on; leaders who will vote to support the law and our land use plans even when development pressures are strong. Yes, we need funding for our city, but we have many options and do not need to lose sight of the reason we incorporated as a city: Local control to preserve and protect our diverse, rural lifestyle. I have not changed my vision for Milton....if you love the diverse cultural character of Milton, do something to support the vision.

This week, my political opponents filed an ethics complaint against me. I have previously stated that I did nothing unethical or inappropriate. This complaint, filed by former Milton Council Member Neil O'brien, is politically motivated and conveniently timed less than two weeks before the election to discredit me. I was a staunch supporter of Mr. O'brien's challenger Council Member Burt Hewitt in the 2007 election. Mr. O'brien is also a supporter of my opponent Joe Longoria. In addition, Mr. O'brien supports Council Members Karen Thurman and Bill Lusk, and I am on record supporting their respective challengers, Bernard Wolff and Al Trevillyan, in the current election. This is an obvious attempt to hurt me. But, it will not work. I will stand strong for you, the citizens of Milton. I would never knowingly do anything unethical or to hurt my community and my friends and constituents.

A provision in the Milton Ethics Ordinance makes it illegal to lodge a frivolous or politically motivated ethics complaint against a council member or other city official (see below or visit for the Ethics Ordinance). I am confident that this complaint will ultimately be dismissed following an investigation and that Mr. O'Brien will be held accountable for what is obviously an effort to cast a shadow over my outstanding record of accomplishments and service to our city during this election.

I uphold the law and make the best decisions for the citizens and the community while remaining fiscally conservative with your tax dollars. If you would like to discuss this allegation with me, please call me or send me an email. I would love to meet with you.

It is apparent to me today more than ever that Milton needs Tina D'Aversa.
Vote November 3, 2009, Tina D'Aversa, a leader you can trust to support you and the vision of Milton!

Thank you!

Protecting and Preserving ALL of Milton, Tina D'Aversa
Milton City Council Member
District 5 at Large
678-457-0677 Direct

Tina D'Aversa for Milton

In 2006, I provided my clear vision of Milton: Preserving our equestrian heritage and diverse lifestyles, managing and funding appropriate growth.
I have listened to the citizens of Milton and, my vision is the same in 2009 as the day I came to Milton.

Vote for Tina D'Aversa, November 3, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Tina can SAY all she wants that she did nothing unethical or inappropriate but her actions and her emails BELIE her words. She offered her opponent a BRIBE in the form of an appointment to a city board in exchange for him dropping out of the race and she did it using her city email. Its that simple. She can't deny that she did it and doing this is against the City Ethics Ordinance, the State Ethics Act and criminal statutes. She doesn't even realize yet how much legal trouble she is in!
She is so arrogant and drunk on her own power that she fails to recognize that she committed a CRIME. People of Milton - quit drinking the Kool-Aid and wake up to the CORRUPTION in you midst. Quit shooting the messenger - All O'Brien did was point something out that everyone should already have known. If Tina had any shame at all -- which she doesn't -- she would withdraw from the race and spare the city and the state the costs of prosecuting her.

Anonymous said...

Umm...wasn't this complaint filed at the state level not the city level?

Doesn't that make her comments about it being found frivolouls null and void?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Tina, while she might not have KNOWN that what she was doing was ILLEGAL she still did it. Ignorance of the law is no excuse - and she pretends to have been a business law professor. And worse, she VOTED for the city ethics ordinance, so she should have known what she voted for and what the city ordinance SAID!

Anonymous said...

Complaints were filed at BOTH the city and the state level. That is how serious what she did is!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, if she withdrew from the race, wouldn't she still have to face the charges?

Surely they just don't go away if she was not in office. Not sure how that works. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that it was filed @ both the city and State level. City is not such a big deal; State on the other hand...................

Anonymous said...

She was all for offering Longoria a position as a volunteer on a board so they did'nt have to be in a race that would cost money, but she sure would'nt think about stepping down and saving the City of Milton money now would she? You can see where she rates Milton and our tax dollars!!! Screw what it's gonna cost us!!! She wants that position no matter what!! And when ya'll vote her in then no complaining later about expenses that were not necessary. We will be able to THANK TINA!!!!! Good new campaign slogan!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The silence from Tina's supporters in response to this post is DEAFENING!