Friday, October 09, 2009

Wreckless Driver On Bethany Road 10.9.09 / 5pm


The video above was recorded on Friday, October 10,2009 at 5pm. It should be noted that Bethany Road is home to over 40 families and the speed limit is 40mph. Earlier this year, we had an auto related fatality within our neighborhood.

The vehicle in question attempted to pass me twice on a double yellow line. When the person in question saw me start to video tape them, they backed off. As you can see, however, it wasn't much.

Instead of worrying about sewer all the time, it would be wise for the city to ask those who reside within Milton's open road neighborhoods what their concerns are. If it is not constant noise it is dangerous speeders. If issues such as these aren't addressed, those who provide what is left of the "rural character" will sell out.

Remember, we are all neighbors in Milton. Courtesy should be a given.

Keeps safe,

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552


Anonymous said...

Good job Tim! Some folks do fly down these roads, tailgate, pass on double yellows etc.

Anonymous said...

I bet the tag was cherokee or forsyth.
We should crack down especially hard on cut through folks. Tim is right, wasting time on bs non-issues is silly, while a child or pet could be lost to these reckless commuters.

Anonymous said...

Chances are the tag was Fulton.

Anonymous said...

Tim must be either the world's greatest driver or someone else must have been recording the video while he was driving as recording a video while he was driving would have been just as, if not more wreckless than the idiot behind him.

Anonymous said...

I think it was far more wreckless to video someone out the back of your truck than what I saw in the video. Looks like they were just keeping up with you.