Sunday, October 18, 2009

Letter To The Editor

In response to Bernard Wolfe's email dated Friday, October 16, 2009:

Dear All:"I was there!"

I was there for all the meetings about Crabapple before it's Plan, through The Plan's passing and ever since. In all those meetings, NOT ONCE do I recall Mr. Wolfe attending. His email speaks to points as though he had attended and was involved. Without "being there", the points he makes are based on conjecture and hearsay. Further more, the way these points are stated, the intention seems more intent on tarnishing Council person Thurman's image while creating fear, distrust and anger in the minds for all who read it.

I'll be the first to say that Fulton County and through their haphazardness and mismanagement of Crabapple's Plan made plenty of mistakes in how they interpreted The Plan. I'll also stand firm in my belief that I'd still take the products that Crabapple's Plan has provided over a scattershot approach to zoning and aesthetic application if a Plan did not exist. It's also important to note that during the entire Plan process and way before Karen Thurman was a Council person, she was simply an engaged citizen like many of us who were involved. Today and as the record stands, Karen is one of the few Council people that continues to care about and work towards a better Crabapple.

Mr. Wolfe's email infers and places blame on everyone and everything concerning Crabapple. Although his email is titled "Saving Crabapple",no where in his email does he mention how he'd "save" Crabapple. He uses ungrounded statements like "high density" and "sewer" expansion as reason to discredit everyone except himself. Yet when it comes down to what he'd propose to correct Crabapple's current situation, his email is devoid of any solution.

Regarding "High Density":

At last Friday's "People's Forum" at Shannondale Farm, Mr. Wolfe broadcasted that Milton had a diverse population and they needed a diverse city. In Crabapple, the "highest" density permitted is five (5) units per acre and the lowest is one (1) home per acre. When all density is tabulated,Crabapple's Plan was designed to maintain a "density neutral" conclusion."Neutral" being the same amount of density as before the Plan, only allocated in different forms so the Crabapple Live/Work Village concept offered a diverse product.

As a reference, off Highway 9 on Deerfield, density reaches three times the density in Crabapple, which I would agree is truly "high density". No one on the current Council has ever mentioned or promoted any density higher than what is already allowed in Crabapple. That's a fact!

Regarding Weiland's recent zoning modification petition:

"I was there too."

Over the course of three meetings, the Weiland Group could not present a modification that would satisfy Crabapple's Plan or would meet it's community's approval. For that reason, Weiland requested a withdrawal, which was the right thing to do. As the record will state: while Council people Bailey, Tart and D'Aversa sought a denial which would have locked-out Weiland for a year of making any change, the withdrawal passed. In my opinion, it would be far, far better to leave the door open for more change in order to get Weilnad's development back on track, then to lock them out with a "no change/no growth" decision. Many things beyond anyone's control have changed in the last three years since Weiland received his approval. Could it be better that the ground is still open for rethinking versus being built-out to outdated economics and buyer interests?

There's nothing that troubles me more than to have mistruths spoken and fear placed in the community's hearts when it comes down to understanding the real facts. Everyone should be able to hear the "whole story", then draw afair conclusion. To be guided with false information and to gang-up against any situation without knowing all the facts, is simply unfair. "Unfair" to the matter-at-hand, "unfair" to those the falsities implicate and "unfair"to the harm it does to the greater cause, which in this case is the betterment of our City.I remain and continue to support, Thurman, Lusk and Longoria for City Council.

Sincerely,Buck Bell-- Permission granted to reprint or redistribute --


Anonymous said...

No comments yet. I would say Buck that is a positive!!!! Your neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Again, Buck, you stand to make a million by electing your friends Karen and Bill. You own land in Crabapple. Unfortunately, your comments are not only false but they are highly biased.

Anonymous said...

Buck: Thanks for the great response. You reminded everyone of the facts and truths behind the Crabapple master plan and what would have happened if the plan had not been formalized.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Buck would love to be making a million in Crabapple. What economy are you living in. As far as I know Buck only owns where Miltons is and the building besides it. So how can he gain anything from property that has not been developed yet. Prove me wrong. There were lots of people at those master plan meetings who fought for Crabapple and Buck was one of them.

Anonymous said...

Buck, you have a reputation down there in Crabapple. Julie and her supporters would like you to go away. Frankly, I'm glad your speaking out again.

Anonymous said...

Me,too. I'm glad Buck is speaking up to remind us of personal agendas.

Anonymous said...

Personal agendas? They ALL have them. Even you do.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear someone that sounds sensible, after all the drama of Tina and Co.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that the comments that disagree with Buck's position have been removed? What happened to the "your so transparent" comment. Nice job Tim.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! Tim is so for the JZB group it is sickening. Everyone on the board at the "Forum" - not neutral. Pile after pile of JZB horse "manure" all he does is factor out the sexually inappropriate messages about Tina.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that everyone involved in the Forum has a direct line to Julie Zahner Bailey. Marty Locke. Tim Enloe. Lisa Culey. Paul Moore. Shannondale Farm. Why?

Tim Enloe said...

Thank you for your question.

When the idea of having a Milton Peoples Forum came up, my first thought was to have it at The Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub in Crabapple. I am a big fan of that concept as well as Ron Wallace and the JT Adams Crabapple master plan. I have spoken about it CPAC meetings. Ask Bill and Karen - they will confirm this fact.

After some consideration, his folks didn't believe there would be enough room to balance the forum and business. So I started looking around at other options.

I contacted St. Francis Private Highschool and Crabapple Baptist Church, among others. All declined. In remembering that Shannondale had an election event back in 2006, I approached them and they were more than willing to host it. To that, I am truly grateful.

We were also to include various Milton based business including Hunter's Christmas Tree Farm to the Subway at B'ham Crossroads. In many aspects, these folks political opinions and support might not be necessarily for one candidate or another.

All sponsors understood that such an event was for the betterment of Milton and they were thankfully in full support.and proved it through their actions.

Regarding your assumptions about supposed "direct lines" to certain candidates; I would recommend that you do a little more research. If you knew me, you would realize that I do not vote for a candidate to agree with me all the time nor do I vote in blocks. I vote for objectivity. If there is a "moderate" voter when it comes to Milton, that would be me.

Feel free to ask any six of the current candidates and you will find that I have treated them all above board and fair regarding advice and marketing on

Also, if I had a direct line to Mrs. Bailey, then why did she remove from her emails as well as her website?

Finally, a big supporter of Mrs. Bailey has been going around town telling folks that "Tim Enloe has turned to the dark side" due to this person believing I want sewer on my family's nine acres.

Fact is, land owners in parcel 1059which lies at the corner of Mayfield and Bethany did sent a letter to commissioner Riley stating that while we have no desire to tap into sewer at this time, we did not want the option of sewer taken off the table should we choose to sell out as an assemblage in the future.

Since the arrival of the not needed new Milton High(where seven families lost their homes due to the BOE not planning ahead), our "larger lots" have become much smaller due to a massive increase in traffic and obnoxious noise.

Regarding the others you mentioned, their support is between them,their families, and the voting booth.

Feel free to give me a ring as I would live to get some input from you on making the next forum better than the last.

Keep safe,

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552