Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Milton Trusts Tina: Experience, Leadership, Integrity

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News From Tina D'Aversa

Dear Milton Neighbor,
Thank you for supporting me for re-election to the Milton City Council.

It is important that you vote November 3, 2009. In order to preserve our community for the future to enjoy, we must continue to elect leaders who have the interest of our community at heart; leaders who will remain strong when political pressure is on; leaders who will vote to support the law and our land use plans even when development pressures are strong. Yes, we need funding for our city, but we have many options and do not need to lose sight of the reason we incorporated as a city: Local control to preserve and protect our diverse, rural lifestyle. I have not changed my vision for Milton....if you love the diverse cultural character of Milton, do something to support the vision.

I am unable to attend the Beacon debate tonight. I respectfully declined because of other committments this evening that were planned in advance of the invitation to attend the debate. If you have questions for me, please call me at 678-457-0677 or email me at and I will be happy speak with you.
Vote November 3, 2009, Tina D'Aversa, a leader you can trust to support you and the vision of Milton!

Thank you!

Protecting and Preserving ALL of Milton,
Tina D'Aversa
Milton City Council Member
District 5 at Large
678-457-0677 Direct

Tina D'Aversa for Milton

In 2006, I provided my clear vision of Milton: Preserving our equestrian heritage and diverse lifestyles, managing and funding appropriate growth.

I have listened to the citizens of Milton and, my vision is the same in 2009 as the day I came to Milton.

Vote for Tina D'Aversa, November 3, 2009

Courtesy This message was paid for by the Tina D'Aversa Election Campaign Fund.


Anonymous said...

Milton Doesn't Respect Tina.

Time for some talent on the council.

Anonymous said...

What are some of the other options for funding for our city besides increased taxes or commercial revenue?

Anonymous said...

This ad is a knockoff of Longoria's last ad with checkmarks. Can't she come up with something original? Always in a response mode, slightly behind the curve.

Anonymous said...

What an insult to the Boy Scouts of America! Longoria was the District Chairman and District Commissioner for ALL of NORTH FULTON. Maybe Tina doesn't understand the words "community involvement and leadership in Milton".

And yes it is a knock-off ad.

Anonymous said...

Whose Horse? Wouldn't be a Milton ad without a horse. Haha borders on the ridiculous. Can't board a horse in Fairmont.

Anonymous said...

Tina, you look great, very relaxed and ready to go to work after you are elected next week. Milton is happy you will be here to protect us against the developers and against Lusk and Thurman.

Anonymous said...

The only way Tina will win is if Julie's posse come out. She's got a big posse too.

Anonymous said...

It is offensive for Tina to use the word "integrity". She clearly does not know what it means.

She lies, she bribes, she abuses her power.

Oh that is "Tina Integrity" or "tintegrity"

Tintegrity - to do whatever deceitful thing you can to retain your council position because, by gosh, you deserve it- athough you were never elected before...

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap. Integrity? Does it take integrity to bribe your opponent to get out of the race? And community involvement? Joe has it all over her! Poor Tina.

Anonymous said...

Enough about this "equestrian heritage". Could you give some documenation of this heritage? This isn't Kentucky bluegrass country.

Anonymous said...

The picyure sure does look natural and authentic, kind of like a dead person wearing glasses! She could have at least put on a denim shirt, boots and a hat, being the horse waoman that she is?

Anonymous said...

Please do post some pictures of yourself. That way bloggers on the site can have the opportunity to make classless, immature comments just like you have.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

We just don't trust her. Let someone else have a chance.