Sunday, April 03, 2011

Milton's population is 32,661.


Initial 2010 Census figures have been released and the City of Milton's population is officially 32,661.

Last spring, the City of Milton held a "Guess Milton's Population" game, which received hundreds of entries.

The winners are being contacted by City Planner and Census liaison Michele McIntosh-Ross, so expect to see an announcement soon.

To view the Census numbers, click here.


Anonymous said...

Initial census numbers or FINAL census numbers that r accurate? This means our population doubled from 2009 to 2010 in the worst economy and housing market since the great depression. Hmm. In 09 it was barely above 16000 according to
That is interesting.

Anonymous said...

All those people and only 6000 or less actually vote in this town? Tim how many people actually voted in the last three elections, totals for each year, can u find out?
Now they say we have 32000 in 2010? I guess people want to leave it up to others to do what they want with our city by NOT voting. Shame on those who don't vote, what a lame and poor turn out for our city of 32000!

Anonymous said...

Beak down the districts by population!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet a LOT of the total population in Milton isn't of voting age. DUH!!!

Anonymous said...

So if half r children than u r okay with 5000 voting out of 16000?

With as many people who died to give us a right to vote, a priveledge, everyone should be voting. I guess you have an issue with that too.

Anonymous said...

As a member of a large military family, I am very aware of the sacrifices made by our soldiers. Every adult should vote and I do.
Just can't make apathetic Americans
feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

So on an average day, that equals about one police officer for every 9,000 people.....hmmmmm, I feel safe and I bet the cops do too.....That's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Do we ever really know the true numbers? Does anybody really know what time it is? does anybody really care?

How did the population double from 09 to 2010 as stated in this economey and housing crash, that is very interesting. I checked the census site, and the count for 2009 for Milton is stated as correct. So we doubled our population during this crisis?

Somone is monkeying with the numbers, or 2009 numbers are bogus. Which is it??