Thursday, April 07, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day at a Festival with Milton and North Fulton residents.

Courtesy Maggie West; The Examiner

The City of Milton, in North Fulton, will hold their 2nd Annual Earth Festival on Saturday, April 16. And there's still time to sign up as a volunteer, vendor, or sponsor.

People interested in becoming a sponsor or a vendor, please click here.

Those who wish to volunteer for the event should e-mail

The festival begins at 10 a.m. and will run until 2 p.m. at Birmingham Park.


•Human "Hamster Balls"
•Wagon rides
•Horse drawn carriage rides
•Electric car rides
•Live music by Airsoft 360
•Arts, crafts and games for children
•Live animals at 11 a.m.
•"Green Egg" hunt with environmental goodies
•Gardening demonstrations with free vegetable seeds
•Farmers market
•Local vendors including caricatures, animal rescue, environmentally friendly products and services, food for picnicking and more
•Guided history lessons
•Hiking trails
•Shoe recycling courtesy of Recycle for a Cure

This will definitely be THE April event to attend!

The 2nd Annual Milton Earthj Day Festival is sponsored by Waste Management, Republic Services, and Optech. And it is being presented by Milton Grows Green (MGG) and the City of Milton.

For more information, contact Cindy Eade at (678) 242-2509 or


Anonymous said...

People are sick of "going green" and "earth day"!

It is being rammed down our throats by our government, biased media, and tv commercials. We are sick of it. The FAD is over!

We want our economy back, gas prices down, and a President who doesn't want to destroy our country. That is the focus, not "earth day". Even if every single person in the US went "green" it wouldn't make a dent in helping planet earth because the rest of the countries on this Planet with the bigger populations don't care and won't participate. Maybe we should turn back the clock 200 years where there are no cars, no cell phones,no plastic, no electricity and everyone grows their own food. That's as green as it gets! Can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

How come the only thing ever done at this park by our city is earth day? why can't we put the money we are spending in the backyards of fulton county schools into investing in permanent facilities for this park instead of giving more of our tax payer money to the blood sucking BOE?

who's stupid idea was that to spend money to build and maintain park space in the back of milton schools when we have a 200 acre park that is just being wasted. Let's take that several hundred thousand going to be spent on FC property, and build our own soccer park and basefall fields there, or a huge playground like Wills Park did with local businesses donating the money, time and materials to build it. What a freakin' concept!!

Our City Council sucks! The only thing they are thinking about is the Crabapple plan, blah blah blah. They are going to have to fix the infrastructure before they do anything. And what do the residents want first? To spend millions on a city center in the worst intersection in Milton, or actually spend money on the 200 acres to be used by all of us? gotta have money to do one or both ideas, which is the residents' priority? Why havent they ever disclosed the entire survey results? Got something to hide, like the results of half of the people polled thought the city hall should go over off of HWY9 since that is the gateway to Milton? putting it there would enhance this area of Milton and make it more welcoming instead of a hang out for would be American citizens to look for a landscapin job, seems to me like the friends of those on council are getting their way with pushing forward with crabapple for personal gain down the road. Watch and see, time will tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

City Hall, what is the matter with you? I too am fed up with this notion of "going green" which always costs more money - taxpayers money. Right on about the basics. Let us be different and strive and succeed in achieving a simpler way of living. NO to this Crabapple Plan!! NO,NO,NO to all the innovative ideas of city hall. NO to paying an outrageous amount to Fulton County plus expense of improvements for this bit of land for a "possible" park area, yet we stand to lose if FC changes their mind. We need new and responsible leadership.

Anonymous said...

then move on out of here because milton is green. it just is. soon people will be walking in crabapple instead of seeing so many cars. that will bother you because it may be perceived as part of the green movement. hurry and get down to city hall and tell them we want more cars in Milton. we dont like government but we use it at every opportunity, wrong or right. heaven forbid, left.

Anonymous said...

If all those people are going to be walking around in Crabapple, they will drive their cars to get there to do this walking. Can visualize it now, people from Canton, Cumming, Roswell, Duluth and possibly some from Rome and surely they won't walk that far.

Anonymous said...

Tis Spring and yes Milton is green as well as all areas this time of year- green grass, green tree leaves, all green plants. Oh yes, forgot about the "going green computers" for Milton council plus.
Ain't that right post 11:09 AM?