Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Council Makes Statement On Redistricting.


Milton City Council has made a statement on the redistricting issue. To view the complete video, please click here and turn your volume up=>


Anonymous said...

Very funny Tim. What sucks is we want our council to publicly say something and they are not.

Milton citizens please consider the Mayor and Councils complete public silence this coming November when you cast your vote.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Tim!!

Joe and council members - get in the fight for us! This affects Milton greatly.

Anonymous said...

Which plan do you want them to take a stand on?

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! I know who I will be voting for in November.... Anyone who is NOT on council now! And then again when the next set are up! What a joke! A joke that all us residents are paying the price for!

Anonymous said...

City Council members and Mayor Lockwood email addresses:

We haven't heard from our city council members, and it's time to make a respectful ask for their involvement.

Joe Lockwood:

Karen Thurman:

Julie Zahner Bailey:

Bill Lusk:

Burt Hewitt:

Joe Longoria:

Alan Tart:

Anonymous said...

The Milton Herald headline says it all:

Draft map changes "complexion" of Milton High, say parents.

This is not about traffic and you all know it.

Anonymous said...

For the north and northwest of Milton this is about traffic, you and your group are trying to make it about complextion and diversity since you have nothing else to stand on with the east side reasoning that all of Milton residents should mostly go to Milton. It is the east side that wants a white rich elite school. Sorry that's the truth!!

Anonymous said...

Be specific, where is the dividing line between EAST and WEST Milton?

Anonymous said...

The "red shirt" people sending the emails do not live in north and northwest Milton. They live in Providence National and Harrington Falls. It's about "complexion" and real estate values, not traffic.

Anonymous said...

Text of email from "red shirt" PTA mom from Atlanta National:

"The proposed map would redistrict many neigborhoods that have students and families who have contributed to Milton's success and brings in a segment of the population who may not share those same values. I spoke with teachers and community members and learned that there has been gang violence and a lack of parental involvement and discipline issues from these complexes."

Traffic issues? Right.

Anonymous said...

You people understand that the city council and mayor represent all of Milton not just the western half, right?

It is obvious that you don't want your precious little snowflakes to go to school with the unwashed masses living east of Freemanville. You just shouldn't expect your city council to go along with your bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Lockwood is now the official spokesperson of the bigots. Wearing a red shirt at the Katie Reeves meeting, he expressed his personal preference that the map be changed to divide Milton along east-west lines.

Mayor Lockwood, you do not speak for the overwhelming majority of Milton residents who welcome the changing "complexion" of Milton High School, who have embraced the new Bethany Bend High School and who fully support the latest map.

Anonymous said...

To "bigot" commentor. The mayor HAS spoken out and recommended what is best for our community in regard to traffic, Miltons comprehensive plan and also the plans we have for city hall at crabapple. Plans A and B are consistent with Miltons future development. Pull your head out of your rear end and stop making this something it is not. Milton HS as a result of changing the lines will contain more Milton students who live in Milton, closer In proximity to the school instead of 20% or less. I am really sick and tired of the east side who is becoming relentless in trying to make this about class warfare and diversity as the only
argument for filling the halls of Bethany with all of Milton.
The mayor and council support the efforts they have been
planning for our community by supporting plan a or b. Stop
the whining already because for whatever reason fear you won't get your way. Really!

Proximity and traffic are the top two criteria in determining redistricting lines, not the criteria you are using. Your tone is a spoiled brat who is pissed you may not get way after all.

Your motivations for attacking the Mayor are unjustified. Oh and news flash, he and council felt this way and made the recommendations to the BOE prior to this meeting and the
last two as well. Finally coming public shows they stand by their recommendations as a whole for the Benefit and well being of the entire city and it's future. This redistricting isn't just going to affect students and the parents, it is going to affect all citizens, kids or not, as well as working commuters and everyone who drives our roads.

Anonymous said...

Bigot blogger:

Why do you want mostly all of students who live in Milton to attend Bethany Bend HS?

What neighborhood do you live in?

The Majority of Milton does not support Plan C. What do you mean the majority of Milton "welcomes the changing "complexion" of Milton High School, and who have embraced the new Bethany Bend High School and who fully support the latest map.

That comment implies that the majority of Milton wants to bail out of Milton and head to the new school. Oh you are SO SO SO wrong.

You may be the bigot who desires Bethany to be filled with upper white middle class or higher so your kids can go to school with them. Who's the bigot?

Anonymous said...

3:18 and 3:50...

Do I agree that the High School was placed in an unfortunate location? Yes, absolutely. It is a good example of why we need Milton County. Don't forget, though, that if they hadn't yielded to the selfish, simple-minded community pressure from White Columns, we would have our High School in a perfect location.

Will it help or hurt Milton to split the city directly in half down the middle? Of course it will hurt the community. Which side will have the better school? I have some experience in this. The community that I grew up in was divided between the "haves" and the "have-nots." The country-club high school always performed lower by every measure.

I live on the "wrong" side of the tracks (tracks in this case being Freemanville), and I, for one, support you red-shirted (equals white-hooded) bigots. I look forward to the competition between the Bethany, which will be grounded in reality, and Milton, which will be snowed-under by cocaine and BMW's. Within five years you guys will be trying to get over to the "good" school in Milton.

Your transparent and weak reasoning won't play here, girlfriend. You need to get back on the tennis court and forget about these complicated political issues.

Anonymous said...

Freemanville was not in any way form or manner a Perfect Location for the school. So the perfect location for the school is 1.7 miles from Milton High School on the same exact road? And the perfect location on SEPTIC? A highschool on SEPTIC, Really? Even Katie Reeves admitted at the meeeting yesterday that the location on Freemanville was a bad one! Once the Chatham property became available and it was on SEWER they jumped at the chance to put it there.

All the comments being made are for selfish reasons and not for the betterment of the entire community let alone the environment.

A bunch of whining residents would never have the ability nor power to convince the BOE to move anything, let alone a major high school. The BOE moved it after the City of Milton made a Resolution asking them to reconsider for environmental reasons. Not White Columns! Oh Brother! Stop that rumor, it is false!

If the school was still on Freemanville, EVERYONE in Milton, that lives in Milton who has kids, would have all their kids attending the new school entirely. Again, why is that such a good thing? The exposed intentions of creating an elite white upper middle class school in north fulton is astounding.

I live on Birmingham Hwy, and it makes no sense to have me and my children drive all the way over to Bethany no matter what angle you look at it. None!! I will have to take Birmingham Hwy, to Birmingham Road which takes 8 minutes or more to go that quarter mile at 7:45 in the morning, down Freemanville, left on Redd, which is also a nightmare from commuter traffic, sit there and wait another 8-10 minutes depending on the exact time you hit the traffic, and then turn right on Hopewell, then left on Bethany Bend past Kingsridge to the school. That is the most direct route from my home to the school. The two roads alone of Birmingham and Redd road take on average 20 minutes combined to navigate, which means my trip time from my home to the new school on a good day will be about 30-40 minutes. Really!!! It takes me 6 minutes total trip time on a bad day to get to Milton High School!

Stick to the facts and drop the diversity issue, no one of importance and in the decision making is listening to the cries of "complexion" or "diversity" as an issue in drawing these lines.

At the end of the day, I will be truly amazed if the BOE even listens anyway, they didn't listen and the proof of that is Plan C people.

Anonymous said...

Fear Mongering at it's best. Get on board with Plan C Milton, or your kids will be exposed to cocaine and drugs and spoiled kids driving BMW's. We may be driving BMW's but if you think precious Bethany will be immune to drugs by making all of Milton kids go to Bethany you are sadly mistaken. Drugs are everywhere, even in your white rich wanna be Bethany high school. Maybe it's the BMW you covet!

Bigots emerge from the east side of Milton. You all want an elite school and want the west side of Milton to turn their backs on MHS, so you insert fear and comments about complexion and diversity to get what you so desire.

Ew! You all are making my skin crawl. Is this 2011 or 1964?

Milton Grows Green said...

Keep your BMWs in the garage. Put your kids on the school bus!

Anonymous said...

I agree with 5:33... I hope everyone gets on board with Plan C. Let's stop this senseless bickering!

Anonymous said...

@ 5:28

Your most direct route from your home to the school would be B'Ham Hwy to B'Ham Road, take that all the way to Hopewell, Take a Right on Hopewell, which eventually turns into Cogburn and you're at the school.

Not to dispute that it's still out of the way and takes quite a bit of time to get there, but wouldn't take as long and would certainly be more direct to go this way, making only 3 turns instead of the 5 you had planned.

Anonymous said...

So now you're going to tell people how to get there? You guys are so lame.. We are not embracing plan C because it is the WORST plan for the entire city. Get over it!

Newsflash: other than Crooked Creek in favor as shown on the BOE map of plan C, the rest of the map was red, against plan C. Roswell hates plan C as well. So how and why was plan C chosen for Milton? It does not benefit traffic or proximity to those near MHS whatsoever. Their process is flawed and a farce.

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are a great script for the Jerry Springer show. This property was purchased over three years ago and now everyone is surprised at the redistricting. Where did you expect to get kids to fill the building? Your a litte late for the party.

Anonymous said...

"Life may not be the party we hoped for. But while we are here we might as well dance." unknown

Anonymous said...

Agree with post 6:06 AM. Put the kids on the school bus and stop your childish behavior.
Let's get back to mayor and council. Remember election day - the "do nothing crowd" - OUT!!

Anonymous said...

@ 5:08

I'm not telling anyone how to drive, just pointing out the need to maybe more familiarize themselves with the area. Doesn't matter what reason they are heading in that direction, but they were still making it more difficult than necessary.

I'm certainly not embracing that plan, it's obviously the worst by far and I have yet to hear a vote of confidence for it.

Anonymous said...

Pick up the phone and ask each council person if they support plan C for traffic in Milton?

Tim can you do that and post their answers, a simple yes or no from each is all we want to know.

If they won't comment or speak to you or return your call than post that as well!

They all have an obligation to let us know by weighing in.
Not just the mayor.
This will show who has guts or none on council.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to get aboard the Titanic?

Anonymous said...

Please also ask the mayor and JZB to provide the data on east-west traffic that led them to reject Plan C.