Sunday, April 03, 2011

Memorial Day 2011: Call for veterans.


The City of Milton will hold its fourth annual Memorial Day event on Monday, May 30. Through more than three years of hard work and the generosity of residents, Milton has amassed a list of more than 150 fallen veterans memorialized with markers placed on Deerfield Parkway the week of the holiday.

Each year residents ask how their family members may be added to the registry. The city does not have access to a government database revealing who served in the military. Instead, we need you to tell us.

Once you give the City of Milton the information, it will be placed in a secure database. The names will then be sent to City Councilman Bill Lusk, who for three years has personally built, painted, engraved and placed the markers at his own expense.

To request a marker, please click here.

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