Friday, April 22, 2011

Petition Set Up Regarding Redistricting.


Some residents have set up an online petition regarding the redistricting issue. To view the petition, please click here=>


Anonymous said...

Where can we sign that we like the proposed map?

Anonymous said...

Not our problem.

Here I will start one for you.
Most of the east side residents and other subdivisions below in Milton hereby petition the BOE to put mostly all Milton kids into the new high school because that will make the new school the most white, wealthy, and stuck up school in north Fulton. We want most of Milton to forget about MHS, turn your backs on the school even if the drive is shorter, even if you have to sit in traffic for longer times, and embrace the new school. We selfishly feel because we cannot make any other argument stick that the traffic will actually be better even though all the commuters come west to east through Milton to get to GA 400. Please sign the petition!

-Crooked Creek, Hermitage, Harrington Falls, Providence National

Anonymous said...

After looking at the petition, it is obvious why this town is so screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think it's funny that the lawyers from Atlanta National are complaining because they are stuck at "poor" Milton High School with kids from Six Hills, Kensington Farms, Harrington Falls, Brittle Road (Jan Jones's street) and Dorris Road (Joe Lockwood's street)?

They're jealous of the kids from Avensong and Deerfield who get to go to the white, wealthy school.

That's just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Such a joy living in the city of Milton with a mayor and council remaining moot on all major issues.

Anonymous said...

5:28 poster: Isn't the student population wealthy, white and stuck up at Milton High School? That's why it is so popular and revered among the residents here.

Anonymous said...

Now you know how the city of Alpharetta feels about Reeves and Tesch conning the BOE into moving the real Milton High out of the town. Deal with it!