Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fulton school redistricting draws crowd.

By Nancy Badertscher

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Hundreds of parents crowded around maps Wednesday night to see the lastest plan for redrawing boundaries for some high schools and middle schools in north Fulton County.

They poured into the gymnasium at Alpharetta High School to see how the planned opening of a new high school, Bethany Bend, will affect their children.

The latest plan would affect about 2,200 of the county's 99,000 students, including a number at Roswell High School, according to school system officials.

Roswell Mayor Jere Wood objects to the redistricting, which he says he would hurt the hometown atmosphere and spirit that has city residents cheering for the hometown football team on Friday nights.

"They recognize neighborhoods are important, and they try to keep neighbors together," Wood said. "I see the city as being a collection of neighborhoods, and we need to try to keep the family together."Some parents said Wednesday night that the new boundary lines are better than earlier versions, but most said they want to see the promised "final version."

The school board is expected to vote on the redistricting plan in June. It will take effect for the 2012 school year.


Anonymous said...

Where is our Mayor on this! They are royally screwing our city traffic and Milton high and no one from our elected officials is even awake let alone watching the movie, " BOE does Milton Over"!!

Anonymous said...

What do you expect. The new school is going to be named Bend Over.

Anonymous said...

Just in..... Milton Mayor weighs in......."this is terrible and a travesty for our community. The BOE are idiots"!

Thank goodness now Milton's elected official are equal with Roswell.

Anonymous said...

And they got the same results too!