Thursday, April 14, 2011

100s Turn Out For N. Fulton Redistricting

Parents: Tired Of Drawing New School Lines Every Few Years


Hundreds of parents attended a community meeting at Alpharetta High School on Wednesday. The meeting was the third and final one for parents to help redraw the school boundary lines.

A new high school is set to open in Milton in 2012. According to the Fulton County School District, it will help alleviate overcrowding. The new school means new school attendance lines.

The proposed plan affects Lauren Rosenberg who was looking forward to attending Johns Creek High School for four years.

Rosenberg said, "It's the most stupid thing that they could think of right now."

Her mother Louisa, said, "It affects our families, our decisions, our jobs."

Next school year's sophomores, juniors and seniors will have the choice of staying at their current school or attending their reassigned school.

Those who attended gave their suggestions about the proposed plan. The school district said those ideas will be looked at for the final plan. The school board is expected to take their final vote in June.


Anonymous said...

Try over 1000 easy attended. More than the last meeting. Reporters and the BOE can't count.

Anonymous said...

Did you count them or can you count?

Anonymous said...

Rhonda r u back again? Can't add anything of importance so you make it you mission in life to heckle Enloe's bloggers? Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Why don't all the school sophomores, juniors and seniors all stay put in their current schools and see what happens then.