Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crabapple Plan Revealed.


Lew Oliver's anticipated Crabapple Plan was revealed at Milton City Hall Monday Night. The plan was to preserve the area's architectural look. Over all, citizens seemed pleased with the outcome.

Artists renderings showcased how businesses and roads worked within a neigborhood rural village setting that encourage both pedestrian, bike, horse, and golf cart traffic on widened sidewalks. Additional green space was also included.

The often debated roundabout concept is part of the plan as well, being proposed on both Crabapple and Mayfield Roads in order to move traffic away from epicenter of activity.

Oliver pulled some of his ideas from older Georgia towns including Dahlonega. This approach met with resounding approval from citizens present.

There is still much left to do before the plan can take shape. Most importantly is the city council giving the go ahead. He also suggested transfer development rights to entice land owners within the area.

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