Thursday, April 28, 2011

CPAC Letter Presented To Council

Courtesy Various Milton CPAC Members

To: Mayor and City Council

From: CPAC Members

Re: BOE School Redistricting

The undersigned members of Milton’s Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) oppose Plan C of the redistricting plan proposed by the Fulton County Board of Education. After spending the past three years in careful consideration of the land use plans as part of Milton’s Comprehensive Plan, we believe Plan C is in conflict with several of the basic goals of the Comprehensive Plan. We also believe Plan C is in conflict with the tenets of the Milton Transportation Plan and the Lew Oliver Crabapple Master Plan.

Plan C calls for the majority of the students that would attend the new high school on Bethany Bend to travel in an east/west traffic pattern. The primary feeder roads to this new High School are Birmingham Road, Redd Road, Bethany Bend and Providence. Each of these roads is already at or over capacity. The new student, family and bus traffic on these roads will destroy the fragile balance of cross-city commuter traffic from Cherokee County and the current Milton resident commuter traffic that already put these roads at capacity.

The BOE Plan C also calls for a majority of the future students at Milton High School to come from the current Roswell district. The primary feeder roads for the Roswell students traveling to Milton will be Crabapple Road through the Crabapple intersection and Bethany Road to Mayfield Road. These roads are at or over the capacity of the current infrastructure. The Crabapple Master Plan recently proposed by Lew Oliver calls for traffic calming measures for the already burdensome traffic volume and patterns. The traffic volume that would result from the significant student population coming through these crossroads as a part of Plan C will destroy any possibility for the new Crabapple plan being a success.

We respectfully request the Mayor and City Council formally oppose Plan C and ask the Board of Education to develop a redistricting plan that takes the traffic components of Plan A and B into consideration while considering the future plans of Milton. Please pass a Resolution that formally advises the BOE that the Mayor and City Council of Milton oppose Plan C and call for the creation of a new redistricting plan.

Members of CPAC:

George Ragsdale

Paul Moore

Curtis Mills

Tim Enloe

Kim Horne

Jennifer Fletcher

Marty Lock

Fred Edwards

Lynne Gregory


Anonymous said...
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Miltonville said...
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Anonymous said...

Can we have CPAC switch chairs with our Council and Mayor? They have coconuts and our council has none!!!!!

GO CPAC!!!!!
The only thing council did do right was appoint all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Our mayor and council need to protect our future and our tax money. If they don't stand up to the BOE on our traffic plan then voluntarily step down placing a brown sack over their heads. Up for re election, save your money and our time, we won't re elect you, watch and see. Alan, Julie and Burt! Karen and Bill enjoy your seat while you can you are next as well.

You all have an obligation to do what's right for the entire city not just your voting district, Alan!!! Wimp.
Self serving, all of you.