Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Vision for Milton = Our Citizens' Vision for Milton.

Courtesy Friends of Alan Tart

My Vision for Milton = Our Citizens' Vision for Milton

Citizen surveys show overwhelming support for our city’s Vision Statement: “Milton is a distinctive community embracing small-town life and heritage while preserving and enhancing our rural character.” Consequently, this Vision Statement serves as the basis for the city’s strategic direction (as outlined in our 2030 comprehensive plan and 2012-2015 strategic plan) and is the cornerstone of my decision making as your council member.

In the past four years, I have gained invaluable experience in finance and budgeting, land use and planning, parks and recreation, public safety, municipal law, and public works. I have also learned to be respectful and effective in a political environment. Through it all, I have remained unbiased and objective in my decision making and unwavering in my commitment to follow through on the priorities I outlined during my 2007 campaign.

As one of seven elected officials who have been entrusted by our citizenry to ensure our city's vision is realized, I take my position very seriously. Realizing our city’s vision has been central to every decision I have made. I remain committed to further realizing the city’s vision and mission in my second term by doing the following:

· Fully staffing our police and fire departments

· Developing our existing parks and acquiring new parkland, if necessary, to provide a comprehensive set of active and passive recreational options for our citizens

· Protecting our rural, equestrian character by –

o Approving growth and development that adheres to our land use policies, zoning ordinance, and standards related to environmental protection, architectural design, and traffic safety, and

o Capitalizing on the uniqueness of our city to build a sense of pride in our community and promote new and existing equestrian-related businesses

· Ensuring the overall financial stability of the city in the short and long term by only approving fiscally conservative annual budgets that ensure a lean government that provides efficient, top quality services to our citizens

In the September 7 edition of this publication, my opponent declared that, “Milton can be a best place to live, work, and play.” I could not disagree with this statement more. We already are the best place to live, work, and play! That is why my family moved to this area and why I have been involved in keeping our community great since moving here in 2005 – first as an HOA president and then as your council member.

Working together and remaining steadfast in our commitment, our Vision can REMAIN a reality for generations to come. Electing experienced, unbiased proven leaders, like me, to our city council will be vital to making this happen, and I stand ready to assist.

I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 8th and consider it an honor to serve you now.

Thank you,



Alan Tart Interviewed by Milton Herald and
Recently, Alan was interviewed by Milton Herald and The questions were not known in advance. The questions dealt with:

Possible changes to Milton's charter
Safety on our open roads
Whether our sign ordinance should be changed to allow neon lights
Strategies for preserving our rural, equestrian character
Privatization of streets
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Call to Action - How You Can Help

Make no mistake about it...this is an extremely important election for Milton. This is what you can do to ensure our success on Nov 8
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Volunteer to be part of the Friends of Alan Tart campaign team
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Please let me know how you can help and feel free to contact me with any questions or issues you may have. Thanks again for your support!


Alan M. Tart

Council Member (District 6, At-Large)

Milton, GA

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Anonymous said...

I believe the business community and those looking for both active parks for their children and trails to walk/bike on would disagree. Do we really want an elected official who believes that we are already the best place to work and play and no changes are needed?

Anonymous said...

If Milton is already such a great place to work, why doesn't he work here?

Anonymous said...

Apparently 4:19 and 10:17 would rather elect the opposing buffoon that the developers control so we can be just like "everywhere USA" as fast as we can.

Anonymous said...

Milton I:
Great schools
Horse farms
Empty lots and vacant space

Milton II:
Great schools
Horse farms
Tax-paying businesses
Safe roads
Parks, trails and sports fields

I think we CAN do better.

Anonymous said...

What business taxes are not being paid now?

What sports are not going to be supported in the existing Park plans?

Public Finance 101 said...

Property taxes are based on assessed value

The assessed value of commercial property is based on rental income

Empty stores = less income = less value = less taxes

Count the empty stores at Birmingham Crossroads. Who came up with the zoning restrictions that are causing its businesses to fail?

The answer is JZB and Alan Tart is still her puppet.

Sports 101 said...

You can't play sports on a master plan. You need a real field.

Anonymous said...

10:52 post is a typical Lemming Tart response: ignore the question while turning up the volume on the anti-development rhetoric. With that grating, toothy, Jack-o'-Lantern grin and his adherence to dogma, he might have missed a calling as a televangelist.

Anonymous said...

Alan Tart has served this community. Stop all the hate. Fine, you don't like his style, vote for someone else. But keep your nasty attitude out of the race. It is a new era... Get with the program, Hate is so four years ago!

Anonymous said...

To poster with view of assessment valuation approach for commercial properties, that is largely incorrect. Its an argument for reduction, but it carries little water with Fulton. They value based on potential use.

If you think zoning is the problem with vacancies, and not the economy, I'd like some of what you are taking.

How would revised zoning help fill the space? That is ridiculous. Why are our home values down?

Anonymous said...

Check the tax records. The assessed value has been reduced by almost 25% since 2009. Talk to a few Milton business owners. Ask them what they think.

Anonymous said...

All Milton properties have been reduced over the past few years, and at least as much as commercial property.

Again, how is Milton zoning causing this unilateral economic impact that is affecting everyone in the World?

The zoning is also no different than it was as unincorporated Milton. These talking points are non-starters.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Empty store fronts is a problem everywhere in the world in this economy! What a joke that Large Kunz want to take over Milton and think they can save us from the worldwide economic recession! With Kunz's financial advisor experience (although he himself doesn't even have mutual funds or any investments whatsoever) and his Atlanta Falcon dad that he mentions in EVERY email (really?) and Large, with his horseback riding experience and "entrepreneur" experience of "making payroll" and "creating jobs" (even though he apparently and ironically works for someone just like the rest of us and no longer owns a business), Milton will be in good hands. What a freakin' joke! Neither of these clowns has ANY experience whatsoever! But who needs experience when you have Lusk (a campaign contributor), Thurman, Chuck Campbell (Lockwood's political slave), Adam Orkin (campaign contributor), and T-Squared Development (the gas station developer on Highway 9 and campaign contributor) telling you what to do. I say vote for Tart and JZB to keep the rest of them honest!!!!

Anonymous said...

Despite the economy, there are new businesses opening up, just not at JZB’s Birmingham Crossroads. Lots of new stores in Milton near Target and Aldi and a few good ones like Erwoods in Crabapple, plus several in projects in neighboring towns (like the Silos and Vickery).

The empty stores at Birmingham Crossroads are a direct result of the restrictions JZB placed on the project at the start, in terms of building size, parking, type of tenant, signage, etc. She had her thumb on that project from the beginning because she wants to do what’s best for her friends and neighbors in rural northwest Milton, not what’s best for all of Milton.

Does anyone want JZB to continue to have her thumb on the development of Birmingham Park?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Exactly what is the problem at Birmingham Crossroads that is causing businesses to close? WHen they began development, there were literally thousands of houses planned within a several mile radius of the cross-roads. That effectively stopped with the economic meltdown. The anticipated market disappeared.

How can the lack of customers be one person's fault? Its not. It will turn when the economy does and Birmingham Village will prosper.

Sounds like sour grapes because you couldn't get a liquor license and are angry about it, even though you agreed to abide by the agreement with the developer.

The kind of uncontrolled development that you seem to want will make us exactly the same as any other suburb. That is not what Milton wants. I will be voting for Councilwoman Bailey.

Anonymous said...

Listen, THIS is the problem. Not one council person ever, EVER, visited a business at Birmingham Village until one and a half years ago at the insistence of a citizen. One person finally went to talk to them. It was your Mayor. We get that you all on council care but honestly, it's way past time to pay attention. It is now more about common courtesy and an enormous outreach to businesses and local people than any sign ordinance. It is about being real, and open to all, regardless what district you reside in. Go and shake hands with business owners on a regular basis, out of your district. Personally, I'd like to see the "district" candidate over with. Maybe that's the problem. So, instead of blaming Julie or Alan, or Joe and the others about the empty space...How about we all take part in a solution. Someone be risky, please open a bagel shop.

Anonymous said...

The zoning is no different than it was prior to incorporation because even then, JZB agitated with the county commissioners every time to have her way about it.

Anonymous said...

Then will local politicians use their connections to work with zoning attorneys, and developers, and citizens and be honest. Work together instead of making bucks. Or make bucks in a way that works together? Who cares. Just make it work and not bring in more gated communities and concrete and make it more of what people moved here for in the first place. Everyone who knows the "law" says it can't be done in Metro Atlanta. Anywhere. It's the nature of the beast. Well, that's the question. Is it in Milton? Why on earth would we let that happen. I don't know who to vote for anymore?? It's not only about creating revenue through businesses and more concrete. Makes me nuts. I don't know the answer. But it would be nice to know if there is hope. Thank goodness we aren't talking about sewer extension this election, dare I bring it up. But truthfully, we can lose the farms and keep on turning into "one big fat HOA" or work together. Now open road folks are mad at subdivisions and natives arent waving while they mow the lawn anymore.

Anonymous said...

to 6:48am poster - Exactly. Its taken constant vigilance not to have a large box Kroger at every intersection (attempted at BHirmingham Crossroads in 2000, and Providence and Birmingham Hwy about 6 years ago), among many other things. Julie's leadership has allowed us to retain the character that is maintaining our home values better than all other areas.

This is exactly what I want. Its a tough and constant fight, and I am glad that someone is willing to lead that charge.

Anonymous said...

Julie is not a leader. She is a community organizer who does not understand the big picture. Just ask the city staff how much time and money she has cost all of us. If you ever want Birmingham Park developed or any of the dangerous intersections fixed, you better not vote for her or her echo Tart! If they are re-elected our traffic will get worse, our kids will have to play in other cities' parks and then our home values will quickly decrease.

Anonymous said...

Your points are ridiculous. It sounds like some sort of personal problem.