Monday, September 26, 2011

Milton Peoples Forum / Tuesday / October 18th.


Anonymous said...

Wait a cotton pickin' minute! I thought these are always at Birmingham Baptist out there by Julie? You know, one of the several churches she attends during each election season?

What will be really interesting is the composition of the panel and the questions :))
Just a side bet, but maybe "CM", outta work "PM", maybe a certain hack realtor from Avensong? Maybe even a disgraced narcissistic former inner circle colleague of the incumbents?

It would be nice if one of these wasn't so obviously rigged or manipulated.

Wait!!!!Stop the presses!!! This just in off the wires: "LC" is available that nite. This is great stuff:))))

Anonymous said...

Hey Pshycho,
Yer so smert why aint chew on the dang gone panel?

Maybe (RW) Ron Wallace will be on the panel this time! Would that appease you since he is in cahoots with Thurman and Lusky boy. Oh I see, when the panel reflect those who you like, you are okay. Liberal.

So the community submitting questions is rigging it, WOW, if they can't answer podunk questions about this hack town, they need to have a seat in the audience, moron. Rigg it to what, make them look bad? What gotcha questions could possibly be even brought up? That's hillarious! And how did the questions last election make any of them look bad, oh, they didn't! Imagine that. And you believe in global warming and think Obama is the best President ever too!

A really good question would be why are there 30,000 people in this town and not even 10% votes? that tells you how much the citizens of this town care about Milton. They Don't!! And that is what certain people and certain council people bank on all the way to their council seat!

Anonymous said...

Grow up and play nice, both of you. It's time for a new strategy.

Anonymous said...

No kidding-

Tell Tim to stand up for himself and have a fair debate, not a rigged one for an invitation to the Lockwood hottub reach around...he will never attain the status of festus Beachum, so relax and just do something meaningful with this site.

You will never be in the club, stop trying. Youyn represent the redneck past Joe tries to downplay.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea...shoot the messenger and you'll never have to hear any bad news.