Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Naming of New High School, Crabapple Transportation Meeting & Upcoming Events.


September 26, 2011

Dear Milton Citizens, Neighbors and Friends,

There are many important events, activities and opportunities over the next few weeks for you to participate in the future and fun of our unique community. This release provides you the details on the following:

Congratulations to our Parks & Recreation Department and our Communications Department for winning the "2011 Visibility & Marketing Award" for a single-event publication from the Georgia Recreation and Parks Association at the group's August conference in Macon. This year's award was in honor of the "Concerts in the Park: Boogie Down at Birmingham". For those of you who were able to participate in the three, free outdoor concerts, you experienced first hand the opportunity to gather as a community to enjoy great music on our evolving 202 acre park. Stay tuned for upcoming ways to participate and contribute to the plans for this parkland and other parks in Milton as our master planning initiatives are underway.
Tuesday, September, 27, Crabapple Transportation Planning Meeting/Open House - 6:00 - 8:00, p.m. Alpharetta Government Center. This open house format will provide citizens a chance to weigh in on several transportation improvements we have contemplated along with our staff, outside experts and the Georgia Department of Transportation to relieve some of the traffic issues in the Crabapple area. Certain of these elements and proposals come from the recently adopted Transportation Master Plan and the Crabapple Visioning Study. We want citizen input so please plan to attend this session.

Naming of the New High School:
The naming process of the Fulton County Board of Education for the new high school in Milton is underway. I was asked to participate in this naming process by the School Board and the new Principal as a member of the City Council. I am serving on this committee along with 24 other residents, parents and business partners. I am a non-voting member of the committee. I am very interested in getting input from the community regarding possible names for the new school. Our newest high school will be a critical element to our community and will be a landmark for years to come. The name of a school is important as it helps to bring the history of an area together with its' future.
Please know that the process for naming a new school is spelled out explicitly by the Fulton County Board of Education. This naming committee makes recommendations, but ultimately the final decision rests in the hands of the Fulton County Board of Education board members.
At this point, the committee has met once with at least two more meetings to take place; the next will be this coming Wednesday. For this reason, I would like your opinions on the names discussed so far by the committee. These names came from a thoughtful discussion of the 24+ folks present and include historical references as well as creative suggestions for ways to bridge the various areas coming together to form our newest high school. Please use this link to review the possible names and email me your input. I will gladly share your views with the committee members as they continue to hone the list.
I appreciate the opportunity to represent your interests and those of your family as I have for the last two decades as a volunteer, steward and your Council Member. I ask for your continued support as we move our wonderful community forward towards a continued bright and financially sound future. As always, let me know if you have any concerns or ideas. I welcome your direct input and feedback.

All my best -

Julie Zahner Bailey

Milton City Council

404-310-6344 cell


Crabapple Transportation Meeting
The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and City of Milton will hold a public information open house regarding planned transportation improvements to the Crabapple area Tuesday, Sept 27 from 6 to 8 p.m.

The project is identified as GDOT PI 0007313 Mayfield Road at Mid-Broadwell Road.

This open house will be held at Alpharetta's Crabapple Government Center, 12624 Broadwell Road in Milton (click here for directions). Its purpose is to provide the public with an opportunity to view the proposed project, ask questions and comment on the proposal. There will be no formal presentation.

Click here for more information.
Winter basketball registration is
now open
Registration is now open for the City of Milton/Up With Kids Sports winter basketball league for boys and girls ages 6 to 13.
To sign up for the league, click here.
For more information about the program, visit Up With Kids Sports' Web site at

This program will take place at Hopewell Middle School thanks to an intergovernmental agreement with the Fulton County School System. Cost for residents is $115 and $172.50 for non-residents. That price includes a uniform and once-weekly practices and games for an eight-game season, plus playoffs.

Player evaluations will be held Oct. 23; practices start Nov. 1. Games start Dec. 3 and last through Feb. 11. Games will be held on Saturdays, though Sunday games may be necessary depending on participation. Practices will be held during the week and vary depending on team.

Please consider a donation to Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey


Anonymous said...

This is a joke. JZB fought like heck to keep her side of town out of the new high school's school district and then she pushed her way onto the naming committee. Total hypocrite! No one from the new high school wants her on the committee and no one is going to vote for her.

Anonymous said...

She just wants to make sure the word Milton is not in the new H.S. name, so her Milton H.S. stands out as number one. Whoever came up with Bethwell is a nut, that name is awful.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should name it "The Zahner Bailey School"?

Anonymous said...

This is constructive. Lovely people we got here in Milton.

Anonymous said...

I think they pick people who are active in the schools and the community, which makes complete sense for Bailey and everyone else on the naming committee. I am going to vote for her. She was at least out there and visible during the redistricting, and given where her district is located there is absolutely zero reason for her district to attend the new school. They are the furtherst district in Milton away from the school. North West corner? Dah! A no brainer. Bill Lusk's district (containing White Columns, never saw nor heard from him whatsoever, he was invisible and no existent like he always is in his district). Oh, until Veterans day or Memorial day when he comes out to make memorial crosses. Really Bill, we appreciate it, however, how about showing up and helping your district and stop ignoring them.

I guess the first poster would prefer all of Milton attend the new high school and no one from Milton actually go to Milton? Does it not make sense the district furthest away from the new high school go, actually attend the school closest to them? and you want to fault her for sticking up for them? Really?? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Poster @5:43-oh how you are wrong! Many of Julie's constituents' children WILL attend the new high school. Julie is my district councilperson and my children are redistricted to the new high school.

Anonymous said...

No one "picked" JZB to serve on the committee. As usual, she pushed to get on it. She badgered FCBOE to put someone from City government on the committee and then assumed the position because no one else from the City thought it was appropriate. They made her a non-voting member after people on the committee complained about it.

Anonymous said...

5:43 didn't say she was successful at getting her district to go to the closest school. She at least was trying and was visible and vocal at the meetings.They are not done with us, Milton is a door mat for the BOE. They come and do as they please with little resistance. Wipe their feet all over our Council. The other towns laugh at our Mayor and Council and their lack of backbone. They wouldn't try putting a school in Roswell or Alpharetta without talking to those cities before considering properties and the impact the school placement would have on the cities.

Ask Tim, he'll tell ya all about the BOE.

Anonymous said...

These posters sound like the 7 developers that are backing JZB's oponent so that they can make a quick buck while paving Milton. They represent the 7 people that will vote for JZBs oppoent, although most of them don't even live in Milton, so it may be less.

Anonymous said...

How many people from the east side of town voted for Tina?

We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Who knows? Might have had something to do with the special interest of closing a road though.

Anonymous said...

None of the 24 members of the high school naming committee raised a hand to support making JZB a voting member. That should tell you something about what people from the new high school think of her.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what the people "from the new highschool think of her?" They couldn't care less about Milton. Julie does.

Anonymous said...

There was no vote to permit or prevent the vote any member of the school committee. JZB does not reside in the attendance zone and thereby didn't vote based on BOE procedures. By those procedures members who reside in the zone voted. Get your facts straight!

Anonymous said...

OH, 6;09 -the voice of that sainted gated community on Freemanville.

Anonymous said...

Serious borderline personality disorder.