Saturday, September 24, 2011 My vision for Our City.

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I am pleased to share with you my vision for the Milton City Council District 2 position. As a staunch proponent of transparency and a believer in what Milton can be, I invite you to learn more about me. Most important, I want you to know what I will and will not support as your representative on the Council. Please bookmark my site, , and check regularly as new content will be rolled out weekly.

My website is aimed at helping all Milton residents understand what’s at stake as we prepare for the November 8 election.

The quality of life we enjoy in Milton is precious. As a community we are at a crossroads. This election is not about the next four years, but the next 40. Protecting, promoting and enhancing Milton for all our residents is my top priority. As an avid horseback rider, I appreciate the importance of protecting and enhancing our parks, bike and riding trails and walking paths. As a football coach for six years in Alpharetta, I know how significant adequate playing fields are in the development of our youth.

Increasing revenue to the city is vital to maintaining our quality of life. I will work to relieve individual tax burdens and attract new non-homeowner based revenue.

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The new website contains explanations of the key issues facing the city, information about my wife RaDonna and myself, how to endorse, make a contribution and how to contact me personally.

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I am in this race to make a difference, not to make a career. My broad experience in the private sector and my extensive community involvement will help me contribute to the important work of the Milton City Council. I ask for your support on November 8.

I spent my early years on a ranch with 28 Appaloosa horses. My father, former NFL Atlanta Falcon offensive tackle George Kunz, taught me about what a team can accomplish when it works together. This is a tough race. I need you on this team to help me a big difference.

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As an Eagle Scout, entrepreneur and a financial advisor, I understand how important it is to have someone who will not dictate to us, but listen. We are at crossroad and the stakes are high. I ask for your support and your vote.

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For further information on the Matt Kunz for Milton City Council campaign, please visit the website www.matt4milton, or www.mattformilton, or
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Anonymous said...

More horse manure from the Lusk/Thurman pick!

Anonymous said...

I think we get that his father was a professional football player. I don't see the relevance for Milton.

Anonymous said...

Team player is a need for Milton. Not a hothead who has her own agenda and can't believe she's not right.

Anonymous said...

Julie's got passion,leadership, experience and my vote!

Anonymous said...

She's a wanna be politician and thinks she is so hot when she's not!

Anonymous said...

Team player? Someone to make the votes unanimous? Gee, that makes a lot of sense for Milton. If you want to live in Sandy Springs or Johns Creek, why not just move there (unless you already live there)?

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Please go make your money doing high-density development in Johns Creek.

Anonymous said...

MattforMilton - You need to move to John's Creek and take your unanimous logic with you. The Lusk/Thurman leadership in place is a conflict of interest to say the least, and stinks to high heaven of corruption. If you DON'T want a bought and paid for city council, vote for Julie Bailey.

Anonymous said...

The development Julie really fears is the development of Birmingham Park.

Bulldozers and construction crews building sports fields and bike paths and playgrounds.

Oh no, if they build a park, people will want to go there. That means traffic and lights and the awful sound of children playing, right here in Milton.

The horror! The horror! Make it stop!

Anonymous said...