Thursday, September 22, 2011

Signs, Volunteers and Donations.

Courtesy Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey.

Dear Milton Neighbors, Citizens and Friends,

As you may know, I am running for re-election for the Milton City Council.

This email list is comprised largely of supporters in my previous two elections. I am reaching out to you for three things - Sign Locations, Volunteer Support, and Donations.

My opponent has been heavily funded by the development community, with a paid political consultant for a campaign manager. This will obviously be a critical election to maintain a balance on the City Council. The community and I need your help.


May I please place small re-election signs at your road frontage? If so, please respond to this email with the following:

Your street address,
Best contact number if necessary, and
Any special instructions.
My campaigns and support have always been at the grass roots level. If you are able to volunteer to assist there are tasks large and small that would be helpful. Please let me know.


My campaign funding comes from the Citizens of Milton. If you are able to make a donation of any size to our campaign, I would be most grateful and the funds will be well used. Donations can be made via my website, which is

I consider it an honor and a serious responsibility to represent your interests and those of your family, and have for more than two decades. I am committed to continuing to serve your interests and welcome your help.

Thank you for your support and friendship. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care,

Milton City Council

770-664-5529 (home)

404-310-6344 (cell)


Anonymous said...

Weird and sick to use a horse with spray paint for a political sign!
Stick to putting t-shirts on women.

Anonymous said...

Is that considered cruelty to animals?

Anonymous said...

Yes of course!!!

Anonymous said...

The horse with paint is an acceptable campaign add for a child in first grade who doesn't know any better. It is time for change!

Anonymous said...

I don't like hyphenated women. I totally despise this particular one. I sincerely hope enough people have had enough and she gets dumped.

Anonymous said...

There is no hyphen.

Anonymous said...

"..heavily funded by the development community..." OMG, doesn't this evil developer stuff get old after a few years? Oh, for those who don't know it, her "grass roots" level starts with manipulating FCBOE pupils and certainly includes abusing animals & public safety personnel unwittingly trapped in photo ops! Her email lists have always suspiciously mirrored the school and LSAC recipients.......coincidence? I think not. I don't even think there are developers in existence anymore. They are all starving or working the drive thru at fast food places to survive.
What a repugnant, self promoting scammer. I suppose she will be coincidentally at the rainbarrel workshop giving disengenuous hugs, snugs and solicitations to take a t-shirt with every rainbarrel!!


Anonymous said...

The last post was either from a naiave person or a developer. Just have a look at the sign placement of the opposition - vacant lots, commercial developments, commercial property owners, and developers.

This is a small group who are drooling over the possibility of no opposition to zoning variances - quick and easy money.

Funding is available as public record. No one is making this up.

Anyone paying attention can see that Councilwoman Bailey is just holding tight to our agreed land use plans.

For this poster that apparently did not save your money during the development boom years, I'd like an apple pie with that, please.

Anonymous said...

Another tired cliche from the kool aid crowd.
Signs favorably positioned on well traveled roads are invariably dismissed as developer bribes or some such.
My guess is the candidate or helpers just got permission for strategic, high visibility placement. Jezebel is regarded as an unethical nutjob by homeowners and business people alike, so they probably are willing to consider an alternative that is not an activist hack with a crappy record.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe that poster just wants the City to have the funds required to make its roads safe and to provide parks and sports fields for its kids.

Anonymous said...

which Julie is against. She screwed up the chance to get Providence Park, now So. Fulton is going to withhold it or extort huge money from us, after having already paid for it once, for those who have been paying Fulton taxes for decades.
Just to anticipate the next few moves: look for proclamations to skyrocket by Tart and Bailey, after doing zip for 3 yrs; Julie will have her Rivers Alive/clean up my yard; the taxpayer funded festival coming up will be co-opted into a political opportunity and we can certainly expect boy scouts to be trooped before the media, used speciously by Julie for her benefit!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:30-
I wonder who Julie uses for campaign management?
Or, does she just not report who coordinates and advises her? How much free help or in kind consultation does she get from some of the liberal, NIMBY-type attorneys that have used her for years to (they think) keep their little riding mower farms (2,3, maybe 5 acres) a little safer from development?
Half the time, her approach pisses people off and the Milton residents left holding the bag get the brown end of the stick, at much higher cost because of Julie.

Anonymous said...

Roger Santi put a baby in diapers on the back of the Milton Herald when he ran, where was your criticism then, since you think paint on a horse is childish.

I think it innovative. got you talking about it and does't exploit babies, like Santi did.

What ever happened to him, slither back into the swamp? Wanted so bad to be on council yet has not contributed squat since his election bid. Love it when people come out of no where with no community service or real involvement claiming they are the best thing since sliced bread, then they disappear with out a trace.

Where's that airplane!

Anonymous said...

this town would be sorry as sh-t if they didnt keep her on council. no one stands up the the rhetoric and BS coming from Lusk, thurman, and Lockwood. Do you want a 7-0 vote across the board or someone on council who will at least challenge the status quo and raise questions? I vote her to stay regardless, she has done the city well and should stay put.

Anonymous said...

Kunz and Large are another Santi. Come out of nowhere, then go back where they came from when they lose. They weren't involved prior to the elections, and wont be afterwards. Same crap different day around this town.

Oh and I don't like hyphenated Americans. You are either an American or go back to your other country of origin.

Anonymous said...

Providence park was polluted. We don't use the frikken 200 acre park we have now. We gots to go around and pay the FCBOE money to redo their public school playing fields so we can pay them to play on them, when it shouldn't cost us anything to play on them anyway, because our tax dollars paid for them the first time. Talk about double dipping my friends. Your tax money is being wasted by this city on school property that you already paid for! ABSURD!! Whos' rocket science idea was that? How about doing something with that huge park up the road MILTON??

Anonymous said...

Well, the weird thing is when Lockwod was desperate to start a bank and line his pockets, he was pals with Julie. 7-0? What about bubba, the excavator (Burt)who block votes with his mentor, Joe?
Course, Joe has always hated Julie, so this time he is against her and supporting the challengers?
Julie votes against everything-like, when she could have supported carving out small area of contamination in Prov Pk, she said no, even though she could have voted for an effort to get the bulk of the park for a song.

When are the koolaid crowd going to get, she is only out for herself??
Santi ran, lost and is probably going on with his life, something Julie doesn't have. I don't think he or anyone who (foolishly) threw their name in the hat and lost are doing anything but resuming their careers. Since Julie desperately needs validation by running, like Al Gore after losing to Bush, this is all or nothing to her. She says anything and does anything to get/stay in office.

If you don't realize that, you are incredibly naive. Lockwood only used her last time to get his dupe to rubber stamps his crap and get rich.
Saddest thing is how he used Tim to advance his cause, but dissed him when he was no longer helpful. To Joe, Tim is not cool enough for his his wealthy elite inner circle, so he is left spinning in the wind, after going all in to use this website for years to support "the cause".

Wake up Milton-

Anonymous said...

Great movie idea, not reality. This site only hurts, the sooner a new site evolves from the ashes, the better for all. Maybe not Better for Tim, but he made his own bed with our local politicians since 2006. He would have been better off to take the high road. Karma is a witch. Watch closely, this site will change soon because important subscribers/businesses are finally demanding it. It's about time. Tim, reach for the moon all of the time, not dig in the dirt just half of the time. There is no consistent positive message here. Negativity isn't doing this place any good at all. It won't work successfully anymore in local politics or in the press. Even if you think so. Quite frankly, many of us have moved on. So if this site wants to be a success, then change with the times. Maybe, just maybe, the mayor would listen again.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea...shoot the messenger and you'll never have to hear any bad news.

Anonymous said...

Julie does not want to develop Birmingham Park because she does not want to bring lights and traffic to her side of town. VOTE HER OUT!

Anonymous said...

Julie has my vote and that of everyone that I know.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had to work with her or have an issue you needed her help on?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and she did not compromise Milton zoning(or unincorporated Fulton County before it), which made me angry at first, then I saw that she had been right.

It is very tough maintaining Milton the way it is and was (the reason that we moved here and the reason that our property values are higher than other metro areas), but its the reason that developers are so anxious to have their way - its already been done in Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, and other suburban areas.

A unanimous Council vote across the board will only mean loosening restrictions against the pressure of zoning variances, which will make us the same as everywhere else. Many of us moved here on purpose.