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Join Matt Kunz's Candidacy for Milton.

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Extensive Community and Private Sector Experience


August 31, 2011

Milton, GA - Matt Kunz today formally announced his candidacy for Milton, Georgia City Council.

Kunz said, "The time is right for a fresh voice on the Milton City Council." He stated that as a Milton City Council member, he will focus on three key areas: promoting the community's unique rural character, ensuring financial stability, and launching a "One Milton" initiative.

"The quality of life in Milton is very special," says Kunz. "We are at a crossroads with this election. We must preserve and enhance our unique rural character. To do that we will improve and expand facilities such as bike paths and playgrounds, increase walkability and create a community where our college graduates will want to return to live and work. This is my top priority as a citizen, candidate and as a member of the City Council."

"I spent my early years on a ranch with 28 Appaloosa horses, and I enjoy riding whenever I can. Nothing is more important for my family and me than preserving our community's wonderful rural character. That will require the strengthening of our financial base and creating a cooperative and productive atmosphere on the City Council," Kunz said.

According to Kunz, Milton requires a new approach to increasing revenues without raising taxes on Milton residents. "Our ability to sustain ourselves over the next 40 years as a city is at stake. Milton cannot continue to fund its operations on the backs of homeowners. Neighboring cities are attracting new investments, while Milton suffers from an anti-business reputation. We need to put out the welcome mat so existing businesses will want to expand and new business will fill out the existing commercial areas of Milton. We must also make it easier for existing businesses to get the permits, approvals and inspections they require to conduct their businesses. The current economic downturn will end at some point, and we need to be prepared. My experience as a financial advisor will help my colleagues on the City Council face the future with confidence."

"Finally, the wheels of government must be made to operate more smoothly. We have accomplished a lot as a city in a few short years, and we will have many new opportunities in the future. I believe that we will require a positive tone on the City Council and fresh ideas if we are to take full advantage of future opportunities and deal with inevitable challenges.

Kunz has a proven record of accomplishment and a broad range of experience in the private sector and community affairs. A nine-year resident of Milton, Matt is a businessman, civic volunteer and avid horse enthusiast. He formerly held positions with a private equity firm and a major logistics company. He is currently a financial advisor. He has a long record of community service. He served as a coach for the Alpharetta Youth Football Association for 5 years and at Chattahoochee High School for another season. He helped establish the Christ the King Career and Professional Development Ministry. He is a member of Rotary Club International and an Eagle Scout. Matt says, "It is in my nature to be involved in the community."

Son of former NFL Atlanta Falcon offensive tackle George Kunz, Matt attended Notre Dame University where he earned a degree in American Studies and where he played football under legendary coach Lou Holtz. He and his wife RaDonna reside in the Sable Point community.

Kunz concluded, "I will bring fresh new ideas and strong leadership to the Milton City Council for the benefit of all our citizens. I am in this race to make a difference, not to make a career."


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Anonymous said...

So exactly how do you increase revenues in mi,ton without raising taxes? Magic wand? Same way the nation is doing it? NOT. Sounds great but nothing but hype and promises no one can keep or make happen until it happens on a national level.