Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letter To The Editor.

Many Thanks To Abbe Laboda for this kind letter.

Hi Friends and Neighbors,

As many probably already know by now the beautiful and historic Seven
Gables Farm house burnt down last night on Hopewell. They lovingly
restored and added on in keeping with its historical integrity.
Everyone is fine, all the animals are fine except they lost 2 of their
cats and 2 of the older dogs. They lost everything! They are planning
to rebuild fortunately.

If you are like me, you often drive by and admire the beauty and hard
work put into the farm as well as rubber necking to see what
animals are out grazing. Which is the reason for the email. I just
thought it would be nice to show our support to John and Gayle by
putting a note of encouragement or scripture or another positive
sentiment in their mailbox. I stopped by to see if I could help and
put a heart in their yard, and Gayle said they were fine, but her
daughter in law said Gayle would never ask for anything. So maybe a
gift card to Target or Macy's etc would be a nice show of support.
They pay us everyday simply by having such a nice farm for all of us to
look at, I just thought we could pay them back in their obvious time of
need! Pass it on to your friends if you find it worthwhile and



Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful idea! I was heartbroken when I saw what had happened today. I live in Cumming, but drive by this beautiful home on the way to take my children to school every weekday. We, too are always looking to see what animals are out. We will definitely keep this family in our thoughts and prayers!

B. Filer said...


There will be a vinyl banner hanging at their property beginning tomorrow or friday, for people to sign.

The Milton Love Project said...

Thank you, Brenda Filer! <3