Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hwy 9/Deerfield planning study.

To: Milton residents & property owners

From: Michele McIntosh-Ross, Planner

Re: Hwy 9 – GA 400 LCI Stakeholder Meetings

Date: 09-19-2011

Earlier this year the Atlanta Regional Commission awarded Milton a Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) grant to do a planning study for the Hwy 9 area from Bethany Bend in the North, to Mayfield Road in Alpharetta, and the areas east of Hwy 9 to GA 400 (Deerfield). We have hired the consulting team, Urban Collage, and are ready to get started.

The LCI grant program provides funds to cities to conduct small area studies to determine strategies that link transportation improvements with land-use development in a way that would help improve the livability and sustainability of the area. Furthermore, at the completion and adoption of the LCI study, LCI areas become eligible for additional money that allows for the implementation of transportation projects identified in the LCI study. Per Milton’s comprehensive plan, the Hwy 9 and Deerfield areas were identified as future development areas in need of a master plan. This LCI study will allow Milton to accomplish this target identified in the comprehensive plan.

A very important aspect of the LCI planning process is gathering input and ideas from a broad spectrum of the Hwy 9 and Deerfield community. Therefore we are reaching out to you as a stakeholder in the community, and invite you to meet with the consulting team, Urban Collage, early in the process. We hope to get your initial thoughts on the current conditions of the area and your ideas for future growth.

Each meeting will be roughly an hour long, so drop by and plan to stay for an hour.

Questions: call Michele McIntosh-Ross at 678-242-2538 or

All meetings will be held at Milton City Hall in the Community Development conference room Suite 107-F.

13000 Deerfield Parkway, 107-F
Milton, GA 30004

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