Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On An Advertising Note...Ford Ad Yanked.


Anonymous said...

The WH fears this commercial because it spoke the truth. Most Americans know this without having seen this commercial. Non thinkers who follow him blindly are the ones he doesn't want to see an ad like this!

Anyone still sporting a bumper sticker of his? Please take it off your car, everyone behind you is ridiculing you.

Anonymous said...

Boycott GM they got a bailout. Boycott General Electric products, they are forcing those poisonous mercury lightbulbs on America, and we don't want them, and GE doesn't pay TAXES America!! Boycott their products! We have a choice to buy whatever products we want in America and not be dictated to by our government and a company in the pockets of the demcratic President and politicians. Taking over the the Banks, Taking over the auto industry, trying to take over energy, and also now trying to take over the airplane industry by stopping Boeing from opening a plant in SC where there are NO UNIONS!

We are losing our country as our Founders created. Socialism has crept in and now rich people are evil for being successful and those with not so much are entitled to everyone elses hard earned money, and don't have to pay any taxes either! God Help this Nation!

Anonymous said...

The Feds printing more money devalues the dollar. If this keeps up as it has, we all will be paying out the wazoo at the grocery store and every where else for goods and services we absolutely need.

Remember when your parents told you a loaf of bread was 10 cents? Inflation is fast approaching.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Student Loan industry - all student loans are now being doled out, managed and overseen by the government. Just imagine the leverage the marxist in chief now has on our young generation as they leave school with these loans.