Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Meet Lance Large, Candidate for Milton City Council, District 6.

Courtesy Large 4 Milton

Good evening, this is Lance Large. I am excited to share with you that I am running for Milton City Council, District 6. We're having a Fund Raiser/Meet & Greet at the home of Chuck & Katie Campbell on Thursday, September 8, from 6:30 to 8:00P at 550 Kensington Farms Road. Would you please stop by for 10 minutes on your way home from work, from picking up the kids, or after dinner, etc. to meet me. I'd be very grateful. For more information about me, please visit my website at:

To see what I believe about the future of Milton click here:

See the release below about my campaign.


Milton, GA. ---Lance Large, resident of the Bellettere neighborhood in Milton, qualified for the Milton City Council District 6 race. Large, vice president of a local engineering firm and former small business owner is launching his first bid for office. "Milton is a special community, founded on the principles of local control, conservation and strong communities. My campaign is about working with the mayor and council to reinforce these ideals and lead us on a path to long term sustainability," Large stated.

"Milton is a wonderful place to live, work and play. As we transition and get our footing, we need leadership that understands how to create jobs through building our local economy, strengthening our sense of community and conserving our rural character." said Large.

Lance Large is a horse enthusiast who rides occasionally and currently serves as vice president of a local engineering firm. For over 30 years Lance has worked in the practice of civil engineering, and has been licensed as a Professional Engineer for nearly 27 years. Up until 2005 he was part owner and president of an engineering and landscape architecture firm, known mainly for its excellence in educational and governmental facility design. Lance is certified in four states and has worked with communities across the country. Lance states, "My professional career in the private sector is defined by two things: creating jobs and strengthening communities. I am ready to bring these experiences to bear in working with the mayor to preserve Milton's economic sustainability."
if you can not make it tomorrow, please let me know your thoughts and what you would like to see Milton become. My email address is:


Anonymous said...

The Mayor owns a construction company, Councilman Lusk owns a construction company, and Councilwoman Thurman specializes in tax and accounting services for development and construction companies. Mr. Large works for a construction company. We do not need this bias on key zoning and policy decisions when the economy finally turns the corner and development money starts pouring in again.

We need balance on the Council.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Completely agree. Do we want a city council comprised of those interested in building and development? We need a balance, and Large was recruited by sitting council members to run against Baily and Tart. Who do you want to control your city, the Council, or the people of this town? Well if it's the people of this town, than get out and vote and keep the only two council people on seat who will at least give an opposing view and question motives for zoning and future development. All the others seek an easy path without challenge which is why Large and the other guy were sought out, just like Longoria was as well. There's too much funny business going on behind the scenes as pointed out in another blogg on this site. Stop the funny business with your vote. Just look at all the empty lots the Large and Kunz signs are occupying, and also the disgruntled Wine and Bottle shop owner at the Crossroads who is angry he couldn't have a liquor license, when it was in his original contract from the start with the city to open his business there.

John Klein said...

8:18 AM: What is your goal in anonymously calling out the owner of a specific Milton business by name?

Anonymous said...

what is the business name that was called out?

John Klein said...

@11:50 AM: I'll cut and paste it for you: "...the disgruntled Wine and Bottle shop owner at the Crossroads..."

Anonymous said...

That is not the name of a business.

John Klein said...

@3:05 PM: Oh. Ok. I guess I'll have to drive over to the Crossroads and count the many Wine and Bottle shops there and get back to you with the exact business name.

Is this what small business owners have to count as a cost of doing business in Milton? If they have a beef with the city, someone in a position to have very inside details of the beef will post about it anonymously on public forums?

We watched the last council meeting and were saddened to watch several small business owners plead their cases. The most poignant part of the meeting to us should have been the 9/11 proclamation, because our son is a Marine on active duty. But to see those small businesses have to go, hats in hand, and humble themselves about minor stuff...

Anonymous said...

I think the poster was just referring to the 9 minute introduction to a 12 minute speech. See part 1 of "Matt Kunz Campaign Kick Off" posted on Friday, September 02, 2011.

What you described suggests a systemic problem. I haven't seen or heard anyone say anything or act in a way that was anti-business - large or small. This particular issue involved community driven guidelines that the business owner agreed to in writing and then changed his mind and got angry about it.

John Klein said...

Ordinarily an anonymous post interpreting an anonymous post does not add clarity. But you pointed me to a video that did.

John Klein said...

Check out the Milton Herald and WSB stories on sign restrictions in Milton.