Tuesday, September 06, 2011

School Lowers American Flag, Elevates Foreign Flag.

By Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio

An elementary school in Colorado came under criticism after they lowered the American flag and elevated a Saudi Arabian flag.

The principal at Bauder Elementary School in Fort Collins said they did not mean to disrespect the American flag, according to a report in the Greeley Gazzette.

Principal Brian Carpenter told the newspaper that the American flag was immediately returned to its proper and prominent position at the school.

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Anonymous said...

In a previous Era, that Principal would be fired and suspected of Treason. We don't take Patriotism serious enough anymore in this country. People are more loyal to the culture or country they came from than the country that gives them the Freedom to live the life they choose. American Flags should be flown higher and in front of all other flags in this nation, period. No excuse.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice this very situation at a private residence on Mayfield Rd about a month ago?