Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Per Your Request-Sign Placement.


Recently, we received a few emails regarding the requirements for sign placement in Milton.

We reached out to City Manager Chris Lagerbloom and this is what he had to share.


Are you referring to 2x2 (the standard political sign we are seeing now)? If so, the setback required is 10 feet from the back of the right of way.

With respect to the school signage, they travel outside of our zoning
code which is where the sign ordinance is contained. The BOE
conforming to our ordinance is voluntary on their part. We try to
compromise with them occasionally, but ultimately they hold the trump

Monument signage is different too.

Our whole sign code is available at


Many thanks to City Manager Lagerbloom for his help with this question.


Anonymous said...

Code Enforcement needs to make the rounds for improper sign placement. Seems as though the friends of the mayor don't have to follow the rules, just like the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Thats one of the perks of being the mayor or councilperson. If you hadn't lost you would too?

Anonymous said...

Then citizens should enforce the code. Kind of like citizen's arrest! for signs! Those signs are annoying anyway, all of them! Whoever has the most signs, dont vote for em.

Anonymous said...

Like Gomer making a citizens arrest on Barney.

Anonymous said...

Well, guess we have to vote out this mayor "with perks". Just waiting for our chance.
By the way, who is post 4:05 referring to?

Anonymous said...

The whole code.?

John Klein said...

Citizens removing signs is a scary, slippery slope suggestion. It makes me wonder when I drive the same route every day, see signs up one day, and realize they've disappeared the next. Is this "shrinkage" something candidates have to budget for? Anyone that removes someone elses sign has a different type of "shrinkage" problem, the kind Seinfeld referred to.
If the sign was on your property, I can see where you might have the right. Still, some HOA covenants might prohibit yard signs. I was surprised our HOA didn't enforce the letter of the law of the covenant (no yard signs).
With the signs disappearing, we feel compelled to keep our porch light on all night (and take the magnets off our car). A porch light won't stop someone from taking them, but at least they couldn't do it in total darkness.

Anonymous said...

8:59 poster, 4:05 poster was referring to poster 9:50am who likes to stay under the radar, or computor.