Thursday, September 01, 2011

Monthly new business report.

Mayor Joe Lockwood recently attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for, headquartered in Milton.


This list is compiled from business license records kept by the city's Community Development Department. If a new business receives a license within the month proceeding the newsletter, it will be listed.

The appearance of a business on this page is not intended, nor should it be construed, as the City of Milton's or Milton City Council's endorsement, sanction, promotion or advertisement of any particular business. Identification of businesses on this list is for informational purposes only. Citizens interested in retaining or conducting business with any of the companies or agencies listed on this page should conduct their own review and investigation of that business.

Milton Chiropractic & Massage: 12540 Broadwell Road, Suite 2102 Milton, GA 30004

Idea Speeder, LLC: 2595 Bethany Creek Court Milton, GA 30004

Image Studio: 12872 Ga. 9 #103 Building 200 Milton, GA 30004

ACW Solutions: 980 Birmingham Road Milton, GA 30004

Salon Citrus: 12872 Ga. 9 #117 Building 200 Milton, GA 30004

NuLuna Designs: 13505 Lexington Plantation Lane Milton, GA 30004

Salon Wink: 12872 Ga. 9 #118 Building 200 Milton, GA 30004

International Business Systems: 12600 Deerfield Parkway Suite 100 Milton, GA 30004

Neoteck International, Inc: 13444 Hipworth Road Milton, GA 30004

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