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Councilmember Zahner Bailey Press Release.

Courtesy Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey


September, 4, 2011

For Immediate Release


Julie Zahner Bailey 770-664-5529 (h), 404-310-6344 (c)

Julie Zahner Bailey Seeks to Retain City of Milton District 2 Council Seat.

MILTON, GA (September 4, 2011) - Current Milton City Council member and incumbent for at-large District 2 Julie Zahner Bailey kicks off her campaign as a challenger filed paperwork to run for the seat in the November 8 election. The 23-year resident of the Milton area cites her extensive knowledge, strong leadership, unwavering commitment to citizen interests and unmatched hands-on experience with the issues facing Milton as the primary reasons she has been elected twice to represent the interests of Milton.

"I care passionately about ensuring Milton remains special, sustainable and a positive draw for the entire region benefiting all citizens and businesses." As evidence the Councilwoman points out that she has been at the center of preserving and protecting Milton's unique area for nearly 20 years. "As I complete my 5th year of City Council service, I have found that this is the most effective way to serve."

Zahner Bailey attributes Milton's rural and equestrian charm along with the consistent application of land use policies as directly contributing to the city's home values maintaining greater stability in this difficult economy. She further states, "I have the required business and governmental experience, knowledge and commitment to continue to move Milton forward, all the while protecting and preserving the elements that make Milton so unique."

One of Zahner Bailey's strong focuses on Council has and will continue to be the consistent application of Milton's comprehensive land use policies. "The decisions we make now and over the next several years as a city will echo for decades. Critical land use and master planning decisions lie ahead of us and it remains vital that my proven record of ensuring transparency and consistent application of Milton's land use policies remain at the Council table. I have no ties to special interest groups and have proven time and again that I am willing to stand strong on the issues that matter to the future of our community".
"And while the City must change and grow, this change and growth must follow a plan and design, or we end up just like so many other suburbs that simply become "anywhere USA".

Managing this change in the face of many pressures requires focus and discipline. It also requires strong leadership. It is not an accident that Milton remains rural and unspoiled. Zahner Bailey has been a critical component of ensuring Milton's quality of life is not lost or compromised by those who have special interests or a lack of experience required to protect and appropriately plan for the future of this incredibly special community.

Councilmember Zahner Bailey says she has been and will continue to be a consistent supporter of conservative fiscal management out of respect for the tax dollars paid by Milton citizens, which has resulted in a positive financial position for the City.

Councilmember Zahner Bailey graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Finance from Florida State University. She and her husband Bill are 23 year residents of the Birmingham community in Milton and have two children, Savannah, 13 an 8th grader at Northwestern Middle School, and Zachary, 17 a junior at Milton High School. Zahner Bailey is a Math and Special Education Teacher at Northwestern Middle School in Milton. Councilmember Zahner Bailey formerly was a corporate executive with both Citibank and Equifax where her corporate career involved management, finance, budgeting and strategic planning. The Bailey's also own Bailey Farm & Gardens, Inc., an ecologically friendly landscape, nursery and horticultural business, and are members of the Roswell Presbyterian Church and regularly attend the Birmingham United Methodist Church.

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Contact information:

Julie Zahner Bailey
Milton City Council District 2, City of Milton
255 Hickory Flat Road
Email: ;
Phone: 770-664-5529 (h), 404-310-6344 (c)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great canidate, I will vote for her.

Anonymous said...

dont cry julie but you will lose

Anonymous said...

post 11:48 am. your comment was unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

I am supporting you Julie.