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Show Your Support for Alan by Replying to this Message and Asking for a Yard Sign!

Courtesy Friends Of Alan Tart

Friends of Alan Tart Newsletter
2011 Re-election Campaign
September 2, 2011

Notice: Yard signs can now be displayed. Be sure to display the signs 20 feet back from the edge of the street. Show your support for Alan by replying to this message and asking for a yard sign and/or car magnet to be delivered to your home or business within 48 hours. Please be sure to include your name and address in your reply. If your neighbors support Alan, be sure to get one for them as well. Yard signs will be conveniently left by the front door if you are not at home to receive them in person.

Why I Am Running For Re-Election
I believe, as the majority of citizens do, that Milton is a gem in the State of Georgia and perhaps the only remaining gem in the metro Atlanta area. That's why my family moved here and why I want to stay involved to protect what we have.

Those that have lived in North Fulton for the past 20-30 years know that Alpharetta, Roswell, and even Sandy Springs used to be rural and equestrian. As time passed and metro Atlanta grew in size, it became more difficult for these communities to retain their rural, equestrian character. This is why the City of Milton was founded - so we could have control over our own destiny, not have our community developed at the whim of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

The fight to retain our uniqueness has not been without strife, even after we became a city. The recent lull in the economy has eased some of the pressure to overdevelopment, but it will return. When it does, we need elected officials who will provide a fair and balanced playing field for developers by carefully considering each application and its effects - good and bad - on our land use, economy, environment, and traffic.

Four years ago, the citizens of Milton entrusted me with protecting our city’s rural, equestrian character, securing our future, and improving their quality of life. I am honored that I was given the opportunity to be part of the city’s award-winning team and to have had a vital role in our many successes to date. I have represented the citizens of Milton with honesty, integrity, commitment, and fairness. The decisions I have made. some of which follow, have improved the safety and quality of life of our citizens and secured our city’s future:

· Approved the city's fiscally-viable 20-year comprehensive plan

· Worked with staff to stand up the Milton’s Police and Citizens Together (MPACT) program and consistently voting to increase police and fire staffing, equipment, and training

· Supported growth and development that adhered to our land use plan, zoning ordinance, and requirements related to stream buffers, the environment, traffic safety, and buffers between residential and commercial uses

· Supported enhanced building design standards, height restrictions, and buffers, as well as amenity/green space requirements, in the Deerfield/Highway 9. These will eventually improve the character, look, and feel of the Deerfield/Highway 9/Windward area, make it more pedestrian-friendly, and allow commercial and residential development to co-exist more harmoniously

· Approved funding to make improvements to our roads, intersections, and bridges

· Made sound, fiscally conservative decisions that have resulted in a $7.8 million fund balance (the difference between our assets and liabilities)

· Approved a study, funded by an Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) grant, that will focus on developing creative solutions to address land use, development patterns, transportation circulation, and economic development in the Highway 9/Deerfield area

· Supported the acquisition of additional parkland and numerous operating agreements with surrounding municipalities, schools, and youth associations and a summer day camp program, all of which greatly expanded our citizens’ recreation opportunities

The main priorities for my second term include: fully staffing our police and fire departments, development of existing parks and acquisition of additional parkland, and fiscal conservative use of your tax dollars while ensuring that the financial stability of the city and our rural, equestrian character are protected in the long term.

Other priorities include building a city hall rather than leasing office space. This will also help to create a sense of place and permanence for the city - something that is very important to me.

I have proven that I am a man who does what he says he will do, even under political pressure. My unique combination of proven leadership, energy, commitment, and experience will be an asset to our city’s future and will be vital to continue the momentum we have started.

Thank you for your support!



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I tried responding but don't see a link?

Anonymous said...

Me too? How can we vote for him if he cant even get his website right?

Anonymous said...

Tell us Alan what you have done for the equestrian character of Milton and protection of such?